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Sint JanskerkNearby City

Sint Janskerk

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"Historical Site"
"Observation Deck"
"Mistakes often happen during travel, such as the church of St. John in sint janskerk. I always thought he was part of the temple (St. Serfaus Church). He was right next to the temple, with a red tower. It is very eye-catching and towering like a cloud, but the problem is that it is not someone else, it is an independent church. Like most churches in Europe, admission is free, but there is an extra charge to climb the tower. The red tower is 70 meters high, which exceeds the height of the nearby temple, making it the commanding height of Maastricht. , You can even overlook the tower of the temple from above. In fact, when you walk around the church, you will find that the red tower seems to have been built later, because the base of the first floor of the tower is still gray and white like the church body, and the second floor is red. I haven’t found the exact construction time of this church. It is estimated that it was around the 14th century. Compared with the temple on the side, it is very long and narrow, almost linear, with no flat cross shape at all, and it is also geographically It is impossible to construct a flat cross, otherwise it would interfere with the temple. This shape is quite different. In addition, there is an obvious slope landform on this side. The platform on which the tower is located is higher than the back end of the church, so the back end of the church is raised to the height of nearly one floor. Interestingly, it is on the side. The temple has no such structure. Well, write a review, and hope that future members will not mistake the temple here and nearby."