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Minnewater LakeNearby City

Minnewater Lake

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"Recommended reason: The Lake of Love should be regarded as my favorite attraction in Bruges. There is no one. Even if I look back at these photos after a long time, I still feel very beautiful. I still remember the refreshing feeling when I saw the Lake of Love. . The Lake of Love is located about one kilometer away from the center of Bruges. The entire Lake of Love Park is quite big, a little like a small town. It takes about an hour to walk around, and you can also choose to eat here. Lunch, afternoon tea, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The Lake of Love is a long and narrow lake with a very beautiful surrounding environment. When it arrives, the sun is just right, sprinkled on the lake, like an oil painting. The lake is clear and the buildings on both sides are reflected in the lake, giving it an artistic conception of idyllic scenery. There are many white swans in the Lake of Love, and the big white swans resting on the grass are also a beautiful landscape. So the Lake of Love is also called the Swan Lake. The Lake of Love has a beautiful love story legend, but it is a sad story, I always feel that it doesn't match the beauty! Beside the Beguinage Convent, it’s very quiet. It’s nice to stroll around here, and it’s really relaxing~ It’s also very suitable for couples to come here to chat😄 Transportation: From Bruges City Hall, you can take the 12th road. If you drive by car, it is not far from the city. Parking here🅿️is quite convenient, just pay on the machine~ Tickets: 🎫Love Lake Park is free🆓~There are some restaurants around it, which is pretty good Best play time: Sunny ☀️Come and shoot at will, no filter needed, very beautiful"