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Things To Do in Bunbury

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M33***29The safari park in Banbury, Western Australia is very large. Watching cute kangaroos running freely, I am really happy for them! The summer here is a bit dry, but the winter is rainy and the green grass looks more plump! You can see all kinds of birds everywhere, a harmonious scene of nature! It's so beautiful!
3 Reviews
Observation Deck
wxx1026A scenic spot on the way from Perth to Margaret River. I personally think that this spot can be visited or not. It has nothing to do with it. It is just a black and white lighthouse, but the black volcanic rocks near the beach are quite special.
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千山任我行When visiting New Zealand or Australia, there are many places to go out to sea to watch dolphins. Located in Bunbury, Western Australia, there is a very popular day trip. It is best to book in advance during peak season.
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袔樂Clock in the prototype of the Spirited Away Sea Train Busselton Trestle, the longest maritime trestle in the southern hemisphere, would probably not be well known to the Chinese people without the romantic travel of his wife. It lies so quietly in the deep part of the Indian Ocean, watching every morning and sunset of this blue planet....The function of the old Japan has long been faded, and the trestle bridge has become a net red place. The small train slowly heading towards the depths of the ocean is known as the inspiration prototype of Spirited Away. It is no longer the truck that transported materials back then. It has become a cartoon-shaped, bright-colored, and concave-shaped prop for tourists from all over the world. Sitting in the semi-open carriage of the small train, walking slowly along the pure white trestle bridge, the railings on both sides are infinitely laid out and seem to be retreating... At this moment, the warm sea breeze of the Indian Ocean on his face, my thoughts are light I can dance and spin, and imagine that whatever it is, it’s okay.. All the drunken things that flash into my mind unconsciously, all the people who inadvertently jump in their minds, all about the sun, the sea, the sky, The cognition of wings, dreams and voyages.. Putting those wild pixels into the scene before us, and then flavoring a dose of anticipation and excitement for the unknown distance, perhaps there is also a hint of anxious pleasure.. …In this way, you can complete a lonely and magical cleansing with the exhausted self in this world, filtering out the dirt and dross, compassion and self-pity, and shielding the eyes of the second person. No matter disdain or praise, you only need to take care of yourself .. is this wonderful place to give back to me the most nutritious time..
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门子乀A place not to be missed by car on the South Coast of Western Australia. From Perth, you can follow the route "Mitchell Fwy-Kwinana Fwy-Forrest Hwy-Old Coast Rd-Australind Bypass-Bunbury Bypass-Bussell Hwy" , And very close to Bunbury (Bunbury).
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Dolphin Discovery CentreBunbury,Australia

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Marlston Hill Lookout TowerBunbury,Australia

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Back BeachBunbury,Australia

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Boulters HeightsBunbury,Australia

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Bunbury Lighthouse LookoutBunbury,Australia

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