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"[Tanmeili Fort] One of the most beautiful masterpieces of military architecture in the world, also known as the Fortress of Europe, was built in only 4 months (1452) during the conquest of Istanbul by Sultan Hemai It was built by Sultan Mohammed II of the Ottoman Empire in 1452 before Constantinople was conquered. It was opposite the Asian side of another Ottoman fort, Anatolia, from 1393 to 1394, Sultan Bayezid I. For example, fort Meri has a small tower, three main towers, and 13 small watchtowers on the walls connecting the main tower. The three main towers are named after the three Pashas, who were overseers. Sudan also visited the site. The main tower on the north side is cylindrical, 9 stories high, 28 meters, diameter 23.3 meters, wall thickness 7 meters. Today, this tower is called the "Fatih (Conqueror) Tower", named after Sudan Mohammed II. Halliel Pashata, a 12-sided shape, is located in the middle, and is also 9 stories, 22 meters high, diameter 23.3 meters, wall thickness 6.5 meters. The main tower in the south, Zağanos Pashata, has only 8 floors, cylindrical, 21 meters high, diameter 26.7 meters, and wall thickness 5.7 meters. The interior space of each tower is separated by wooden flooring. The total area of the fortress is 31250 square meters. Transportation: If you start from Sophia Church, take M2 Light Rail about 7 stops, take to Gayrettepe Station, transfer to bus 59R Road, and take about 15 minutes to Manevra Sanasi park yapilmaz Station to get off. Tickets: 4 lira Open time: 9:00-17:00Closed on Monday Name: Rumeli Fortress 地址:Tarabya Yenikoy Cad.,stanbul,Turkey"