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cultural alley

cultural alley

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"Theme Park"
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"As our neighbor, Korea has rich culture and academic atmosphere, this time we visit the cultural alley of Busan, not only here is the university town, but also has a lot of fun places to visit, and hurry to explore with me the best way to visit the campus to the university town, A journey to explore the campus is essential. We visited the University of Qingxing and the University of Heqing. Although it was late, the academic atmosphere on the campus was still strong. Students on the playground are sweating, and many students in the light of the study room are studying their lessons, suddenly recalled their student days, travel this way to recapture the past time, who said it is not the best experience? Shopping universities are usually also good shopping areas, and prices are often not too high to provide convenience to students. There are a lot of cosmetic stores nearby. Local brands are the main ones. It's SKIN is recommended as a commoner version of the aquamarine mystery. In addition, innisfree, ETUDE HOUSE, The face shop These many brands in China are very cost-effective to buy there. It is recommended that girls can stay more time here. We found a pet cafe near the school for afternoon tea in the afternoon. The dogs are so cute. They are all kinds of dogs. Please take a photo with them without hurting them ~ School Wine Street unknowingly walked to [School Wine Street], here is a very rich variety of Korean cuisine, many students come here to eat, eat, drink and chat after class. Very young and vivacious. Visiting the Mandarin Hutong is in this bustling and lively business circle, even there is a narrow [cultural hutong], it is like a total isolation, into the hutong at a moment, the noise is thrown outside the wall. The architecture of the cultural alley is more retro, covered by many green plants, every little shop here is also full of literary and artistic atmosphere. Before leaving, remember to look back at the ancient clock tower, hidden in the noisy city, very interesting. Tips: Cultural Hutong Address: Dayuandong, South District, Busan Metropolitan City 52-24"