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Extreme Sport Challenge in Cairns

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway
483 Reviews
11.4km from downtown
Cable Car
"We have booked the train / light rail tour for the day. Unfortunately the weather was frightening and it rained all day. We arrived at the Skyrail center in Smithfield and the bus transfer to the freshwater station was good. After the train trip we had a walk around Kuranda and had lunch at a local cafe. We booked tickets late in the afternoon to return via Skyrail. Luckily they let us return early. Staff were pleasant. The commentary you can download to your phone was great. Unfortunately the weather was so bad that we could only see a few meters ahead. Still, the trip on the hedge was enjoyable. At the two stops down they were equipped with umbrellas and the trail was good, but the visibility was too bad. If the weather was clear, do it again, it would be great."
Skydive Cairns
13 Reviews
1.9km from downtown
"The Cairns Skydiving Company is a must-have item when visiting the Great Barrier Reef. While experiencing the thrills of skydiving, you can also overlook the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and the Cairns coast from a high altitude, which is a feast for your eyes."
Barron River Rafting
5 Reviews
706m from downtown
"The most fun rafting, no one. More than four hours of itinerary, intense excitement, and a combination of team spirit. Although tired and sun-dried, the experience is absolutely invincible, and drifting is a must in life."
GBR Helicopters
12 Reviews
1.1km from downtown
Aerial Tour
"Taking a helicopter to see the Great Barrier Reef is a way that everyone likes very much. It takes about one and a half hours to circle the Great Barrier Reef in a group of 6 people on a sightseeing helicopter from a professional helicopter company. It is really beautiful to admire the Great Barrier Reef from a high altitude. The pearls inlaid in the blue sea are really beautiful."
Mareeba Balloon
21 Reviews
36.5km from downtown
Hot Air Balloon
"There is a car very early in the morning to pick you up directly at the hotel, so you must be on time! After driving for more than an hour, I came to the Mareeba Plateau. The hot air balloon is an event that is greatly affected by the weather. If it rains or winds, it will be cancelled. We were very lucky to be able to make the trip. After us, the hot air balloon event was cancelled for a whole This week, riding a hot air balloon is a new experience. The experience is a bit hard. I will leave from the hotel at four in the morning and arrive at the boarding place before dawn. From the balloon, you can see the kangaroo jumping underneath. The elderly and children also I didn’t feel any discomfort, but suddenly it started to rain in mid-air, and the clothes were wet. Fortunately it was not cold, but my vision would be blocked and I didn’t see a very beautiful sunrise. The weather is good or bad for the hot air balloon ride experience That's too important! ! After landing, the basket under the balloon needs to be pulled down by the car and then the balloon is collected. We all fell to one side, which is a small shock. In short, the summer in Cairns is in the rainy season, and we can experience all the things here without falling during the rainy season. The amusement project is very lucky. The front desk of the hotel told me: Rain is common for the next month here, but it is precisely because of abundant rain that the rainforest and dense vegetation here are created. "No rain no rainforest" the children said: rain forest rain is to get caught in the rain in the tropics [流汗]"
AJ Hackett Cairns
6 Reviews
14.6km from downtown
Bungee Jumping
"AJ Hackett Bungy Jumping Tower is more than half an hour away from Cairns by car. The Green Island and downtown Cairns can be seen from the top of the tower. There are as many as sixteen bungee jumping methods, which is too exciting."