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Observation Deck
Observation Head LookoutNearby City

Observation Head Lookout

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"Observation Deck"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"The quaint town of Beit Haven is a small town on the coast of England, which is simple and warm. There is an old wooden lookout here, which is today's protagonist, Batehaven Lookout. Although the town is small, there is not much hospitality at all. I am also very lucky to find such a good place to enjoy my holiday. After arriving at the place agreed with the tour guide for dinner on a warm night, the tour guide asked us to stroll around by ourselves. I just like to stroll around alone. Before I knew it, I saw this observation deck next to the church, tall and old. The withered red paint on the observation deck, the fine lines left by wind and rain, and the sun marks after sun exposure all tell the story of this beach and how many people it has pointed out the way home. When the sun sets from the skyline, the lights on the observation deck are also lit at the same time, becoming the brightest beacon in the town, guiding nearby ships. Unconsciously, I sat on the observation deck until midnight. I haven't been so relaxed for a long time. My brain is blank. Looking at the busy boats coming and going, and the fishermen who are eager to go home for dinner and reunion, there is an inexplicable feeling in my heart. Happiness, I really want to live here for a month and feel the warmth of the town. Warm reminder that there are no tickets for the town tour, only two buses in the morning and evening are open throughout the day. Don't miss the beach, it's still cold, you must bring your jacket."