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Minnamurra FallsNearby City

Minnamurra Falls

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Open from 9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Put aside your worries and listen to nature quietly! We drove here for about 2 hours from the southwest of Sydney. Generally speaking, it is relatively convenient for the country on this highway. But if you don't have a pass, you need to pay 12 Australian dollars for parking (it's actually a few yuan an hour). Of course, this is a beautiful burden with great value for money. After we parked the car, we walked to the core of this trip-Minnamurra Falls. On the whole, the wooden plank roads along the way are clearly marked, and many materials have been replaced with more non-slip plastic boards, which is relatively safe and comfortable. Most of the staff are very friendly. Although it is said to be a tropical rain forest area, there is not much rain, so it is good to bring dry food for a camping picnic. There are two rope bridges on the viewing platform to the waterfall, but they are both very safe and strong, so friends with old people and children can relax. After walking for about an hour, I finally arrived at the destination: Minnamurra Waterfall. Here, you can calm down and feel the fragrance of birds, flowers, insects and water in nature. This is the journey of returning to nature, calming down, and finding the original heart. Without the hustle and bustle of the city and intrigue, you can be as simple as a child here without anyone caring. It took us almost an hour to walk through two short paths. Below the waterfall flows the Minnamurra River. You will also see the magnificent giant banyan trees and rare red cedars. In addition, there are a few unnamed ones that pop out from time to time. Birds (it seems to be called Lyrebirds) will also give you a small surprise (or maybe a fright haha). The visitor center is fully furnished and attentive, and it is a good transit and rest place. Tips: 1. Bring a raincoat to prevent sudden changes in the weather; 2. Parking fees and cash."