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Things To Do in Cangnan

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唏哩呼噜小猪猪To avoid the noisy crowd, specially selected a weekday, and the result is quite a lot of people. Wenzhou city is almost the entire highway, an hour to arrive. Although it is far from the city of Wenzhou a town, but the environment construction here is really good.
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太能粉丝The ticket is issued fast, so it is easy to buy at the gate of the scenic spot. I don't drive myself in the past. Do the 118th from the moving station to the bridge station, and the cars to Wangyang and Tunxi pass the bowling village. The driver will put you down at the attraction. Although there is a direct bus to the scenic spot, there are fewer trains and it is not convenient to transfer. The pier can also be turned, very lively. The attractions are super beautiful, the picture is the truth, at the end of December is still 20 degrees, still can see the red leaves, really beautiful.
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钱旋1Shijutang is located 4 kilometers northwest of Lingxi Town, the county seat (within Puting Township). Scenic spots are popular with strange rocks, secluded caves, blue lakes, and religious culture. Shijutang has excellent climate and geographical conditions, which is conducive to vegetation greening and the survival and reproduction of wild animals and plants
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_We***06Many comments on the Internet say it is very bad, but it turned out to be really good. The beach is huge, the yellow sand is soft, and it’s fun to play from two or three in the afternoon until four or five in the afternoon. The beach has the sun’s temperature and it’s very suitable for bringing a baby with you. go with. There is a very new plank road by the sea, very beautiful, there is nothing to see at night, you can watch the sunrise on the sea in the morning, you can also walk around the plank road, there are many homestays nearby, the locals are very simple and kind, and will not just slaughter guests. Many people say that seafood ghosts, is it okay to ask the price when ordering, seafood is important when it is fresh! And I don’t think the ticket price 40 is expensive at all, it’s cheaper than many places. There are a lot of free beaches on the side. But when I drive by, it’s obviously not as big as here, and there are more people. It’s better to spend some money! After going there, I am very satisfied. I recommend that everyone can go to the nearby Palm Bay, less than ten kilometers. In fact, where to go, whether it is fun or not, it really depends on your mood and state!
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唏哩呼噜小猪猪Located at the horse station, the whole village smells sweet! Follow the villagers slowly up the hill, the areas are organized neatly, from this hill can see the yellow under the hill a small orange grains. Of course also experienced the fun of picking oranges, of course the harvest is full!
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13BB13Fanshan Town in Cangnan, Wenzhou is known as the "World Alum Capital" and has a history of mining and refining alum for more than 600 years. There is an old street in Fudewan, Fanshan Town, 200 meters long and 3 meters wide. There are some shops on both sides, selling some small commodities. Rouyan is a special snack here, resembling wontons. The skin of Rouyan is made of pork, and the meat filling is made of pork leg. It tastes particularly delicious.

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Palm CoveWenzhou,China

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Penglai Happy KingdomWenzhou,China

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Yue Fei Memorial HallWenzhou,China

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Yuliao Scenic AreaWenzhou,China

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Juxi Grand CanyonWenzhou,China

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Shishan ParkWenzhou,China

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About Cangnan

Cangnan County is located in Zhejiang Province's Wenzhou City. It is known as the “Great Southern Gate” of Zhejiang. It is bordered to the east by the East China Sea, to the west by Taishun County and to the north by Pingyang and Wencheng. Cangnan is a county whose economic and social situation has special characteristics. It is the main birthplace of what is known in economics as the “Wenzhou Model.” The people here are hardworking and intelligent, as well as being effective in business. This has certainly played a role in the economic development of the entire region. Additionally, Cangnan County is very rich in tourism resources, with beautiful natural landscapes such as Yuyu and Yucang Mountain, both of which embody Cangnan's unique characteristics.

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