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Cangzhou is one of China's most well-known “hometowns” of acrobatics and martial arts. Wuqiao Acrobatics World here is listed as a tourist attraction for local customs by the National Tourism Administration. You can watch all kinds of traditional acrobatics arts and learn about the amazing richness of classical acrobatics. The Iron Lion of Cangzhou has a history of a thousand years, and the Beida Mosque has a long historical tradition and profound cultural heritage. In addition, Cangzhou produces many talented people, and the Ji Xiaolan Residence is worth a visit to observe the old-style gardens and architecture to appreciate the elegance from the time of Emperor Wenzong.
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Things To Do in Cangzhou

Wuqiao Acrobatics World
817 Reviews
Theme Park
M43***39It's eleventh, and the scenic spots have started to be blocked again. Those who have been to Wuqiao can go to Huanghua Binhai Hengda Cultural Tourism City. The eleven large-scale amusement carnival will display the largest pig and pig naughty castle in North China! It's not small or big. I can visit for more than half a day, but in recent years there are not too many new attractions. It seems that there is only one Binhai Evergrande Cultural Tourism City. I have been there twice when looking at the house. Friends passing by Huanghua can go and see. Those who don’t want to go to the old scenic spots to see the crowds can go and see. Many 5D amusement facilities are open for free. There are iron lions in Cangzhou and the largest "pig" in North China. If you want to see the story, you can go to Binhai Evergrande Cultural Tourism City There will be major events during Golden Week. I have known Wuqiao since I was a child, and I finally came to Wuqiao today. Go to Wuqiao to see acrobatics, to see the scenery to our Bohai New Area, wetlands, and Evergrande Cultural Tourism City are all pretty good. I just came back from where I am, and I am now engaged in a parent-child fun and food festival. Many of them can be experienced for free. I recommend it. After "touring" from Tianjin all the way, I feel that there are not too many new attractions in Cangzhou. Only at ten o'clock Golden Beach and Binhai Evergrande Cultural Tourism City, Golden Beach is almost the same, and the cultural tourism city of Nandagang is okay. Old scenic spots can be visited. It's almost done. This eleventh recommend a new place-Evergrande Cultural Tourism? The one next to the wetland. Eleventh will hold a very big food-free amusement temple fair, as well as old crab activities, I am going to see it.
Ancient Government Office of Hejian
223 Reviews
Historical Architecture
老少皆宜程We drove to the Luzhou Riverside Office last October. The overall feeling is not bad. There are not many tourists. The ticket price is reasonable. There are discounts for over 60 years old. There is a historical attraction, worth seeing. Also can try local name eat "Donkey meat burning", to Jingzhou eat a bowl of "Yangguo soup".
Iron Lion of Cangzhou
235 Reviews
老少皆宜程The new renovation of the Zhezhou Iron Lion Site Park is very beautiful, the green plant cover area is not small, the content of the visit has also increased, the friends who went to Zhezhou to see the iron lion don't forget to taste the local snacks Antelope intestine soup.
Xian County Hot Spring Water Park
357 Reviews
Water Park
Hot Springs Resort
M48***96Personal advice: This attraction is suitable for parent-child activities, with convenient transportation, complete facilities, and an elegant environment. It is necessary to make full preparations, bring swimming rings, protective gear, and pay attention to children's safety. It takes about a day,...
Nandagang Wetland
199 Reviews
M43***27After staying in the city for a long time, I suddenly saw this expansive wetland scenery, and I felt really shocked. I really plan to go around the wetland this November. I heard that there is a cultural tourism city on the side that will host one. The food festival lasts for 8 days, so this Golden Week will not be so monotonous. There are not many playable projects. It is recommended to merge with the Hengda Cultural Tourism City next to it. One side is a native wetland and the other is an artificial garden. It is good. Haha, because the Cultural Tourism City often engages in performance activities. The performance was pretty good. This eleventh door will hold a super large event, and it can catch crabs. The first time I saw the wetland, I was still very excited, and a tree was not magical. The locals said that to see the trees, go to the nearby Binhai Cultural Tourism City, where there are all trees, and it is a large garden with manual work, so I went to see it by the way. It happened to be an amusement and food carnival. There is a very big piggy naughty castle, where the children are very happy. It's big, it's really big. After visiting the wetland, I went to the cultural tourism city next to it. Because it was October 11, I was holding a temple fair. Some food and a lot of fun are free, which is pretty good. I am different from others. I knew that there is such a wetland because I went to see a house in Binhai Evergrande Cultural Tourism City. There are many birds. I heard that there will be food festivals on October 11, and there will be the biggest pig in North China. Do you know what kind of pig it is?
Dongguang Iron Buddha Temple
106 Reviews
106***66Dongguang Tiefo Temple, located in Puzhao Park, Dongguang County, Hebei Province, was originally named "Puzhao Temple", built in the Northern Song Dynasty, more than a thousand years ago. The Tiefo Temple was damaged during the Cultural Revolution and was restored in 1986.

Popular Hotels in Cangzhou

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Harbin International Ice Sculpture Exhibition (Cangzhou Station)
Harbin International Ice Sculpture Exhibition (Cangzhou Station)Cangzhou,China

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Cangzhou Yanshan Qiantong Temple
Cangzhou Yanshan Qiantong TempleCangzhou,China

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Muslim Xisi (Southwest Gate)
Muslim Xisi (Southwest Gate)Cangzhou,China

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Nandagang Wetland
Nandagang WetlandCangzhou,China

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Wuqiao Acrobatic Folk Customs Garden
Wuqiao Acrobatic Folk Customs GardenCangzhou,China

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Yabazhuang Longshan Cultural Site
Yabazhuang Longshan Cultural SiteCangzhou,China

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Cangzhou Weather

Feb 27, 2021
2 ~ 14
Feb 28, 2021
Light rain
-2 / 8
Mar 1, 2021
-7 / 3
Mar 2, 2021
-3 / 10
Mar 3, 2021
4 / 16
Mar 4, 2021
5 / 18
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Cangzhou
Feb 27, 2021 Cangzhou Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:46%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:49/18:03
Cangzhou Travel:Use Caution, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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