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Cape Town,Recommendations
Table Mountain
South Africa is really an interesting trip. Sitting on the 360-degree rotating cable car on #Table Mountain #, of course, it is also a good luck, so it can be said that it is a project with a very high weather requirement. Table Mountain is called the Table Mountain because it looks like a desktop when it looks at the top of the mountain. The scenery seen after boarding is really screaming. From the Table Mountain, overlooking the city, overlooking the Bohai Sea, overlooking the mountains. Although South Africa is not a popular tourist country, but there are still a lot of tourists to Table Mountain. It is inevitable to take a panoramic view. Anyway, it doesn't matter, enjoy the feelings of the time, it is already very Comfortable and enjoyable, don't even take a trip here. Follow the blonde girl's vision and see the beauty of Cape Town. I want to talk about the geographical environment of South Africa. The reason why there is such a beautiful scenery is because it is close to the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Indian Ocean to the east, and the name of the country that is too complicated to pass in the north. Haha, There is also a country in the southeastern part of the country - the Kingdom of Lesotho. Not only that, but stability is also quite appropriate, the average annual temperature is about 22-32 degrees, a thin coat is enough. After turning to Table Mountain, drive to the Victoria Harbourfront Center and enjoy the smoky Table Mountain from the bottom up. Also take a look at this beautiful harbour. #Where to go to New Years Day
Cape Town,Recommendations
Zeitz Museum of Conyemporary Art Africa
Cape Town,Recommendations
Cape of Good Hope
"World War" in the Cape of Good Hope! "The southernmost tip of Africa" is here! I have said many times that the coolest moment in my trip is to see the place names on the geography books appear in front of me. When the names of places in both geography books and historical books appear at the same time, it is almost twice as cool. When you come to Cape Town, you can't go to see the old friend of "Good Hope". Go to the Cape of Good Hope, we chose a special way to pull the wind - "classic car." Our driver's brother, Stanley, drove us in the car of the grandfather of the 1930s. Along the way, we talked about the language of South Africa, his Cape Town recommended, the maintenance of the classic car, so unhappy, a parking, also opened the hood, generously invited us to visit the interior of the classic car, they have 6 classic cars, really Enviable. The Chapman Avenue to the Cape of Good Hope is known as the most beautiful road in the world. It is said that the mountain road is 18 bends. Her heroic bends out 114 big bends, one side by the side, one side by the sea, no wonder Advertising for all the top cars in Africa is done on this road! From 1915 to 1922, the road was made by prisoners along the cliffs to the west. Her birth was thanks to the first Chief Executive of the Cape Province, Sir Nicolas Frederick de Waal, who, with his unremitting efforts, was able to get the road that engineers thought could not be completed. Born. The Cape of Good Hope is a Western explorer who wants to lead to the rich eastern waterway, so it was renamed the Cape of Good Hope. Before the Suez Canal was navigable, the ships between Asia and Europe passed the Cape of Good Hope. The tanker cannot enter the Suez Canal and still needs to sail. The explorer of the Kingdom of Portugal, Dias, discovered the Cape of Good Hope, because of the huge winds, so she called her storm corner. After returning to Lisbon in December 1488, he told Joao II that he had discovered the discovery. If Johann II thought that he would bypass this cape, he would hope to reach the dream of India, so he changed the name of "The Storm Corner" to "The Cape of Good Hope". . The wood board that marks the geographical coordinates of the Cape of Good Hope is simply a battleground for the military. People of different nationalities and different nationalities are waiting for a series of latitude and longitude numbers! Then take the only commercial cable car in Africa up the mountain and overlook the entire Cape of Good Hope! said that the cable car has an interesting "ghost story", the name of the cable car is Flying Dutchman (flying Dutchman), in 1641, the captain of the Dutch East India Company, compiled a ghost ship The story, this ghost ship can still not be destroyed even in the savage waves of the "storm corner", always driving until the world is destroyed. This story is hand-in-hand in the hands of the waters of various countries. It is hidden in the waves and fog of the Cape of Good Hope. The name of this ghost ship is called "Flying Dutchman." After going up the mountain, you can walk up to the lighthouse built in 1849. This lighthouse can be said to be incompetent. Because it is covered with thick fog all the year round, it is impossible to guide the voyage ship. The viewing platform has become the perfect existence of murdering the film in front of the blue sky! Visitors go to the Cape of Good Hope at most to the name of the southernmost tip of Africa and the two ocean interchanges, but this is just a beautiful misunderstanding. The southernmost tip of Africa is actually the Cape of Agulhas, 147 kilometers away from her, and the actual intersection of the two oceans is also in the middle of the two seas, not in the Cape of Good Hope, which is because of its important geography and history. Status has become an honorary representative.
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