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Things To Do in Carthage

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Historical Site
燃烧生命的小胖妞The oldest part of the ancient city of Carthage is located at the foot of Mount Birsa near the coast, which is also the core of the city of Carthage. On Mount Birsa, the Carthaginians built strong fortifications. The walls there are 34,000 meters long, 13 meters high, and 8 meters wide. There is a watchtower every 60 meters. After excavation, archaeologists discovered that in addition to the vaguely recognizable architectural relics such as palaces and residences, there are also many sarcophagi, burial objects, and palace ruins from the Byzantine era.
Nearby City
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D29***23this is an amazing old part of the city and definitely a must see on your trip to Tunis . full of small handicraft shops and souvenirs, small places to eat ( must try the local version of fried dough with sugar ). you walk through this gallery of old buildings all in white with blue ornaments set on a hillside with beautiful trees and flowers . on the top of the hill there is the amazing coffeehouse built into the clog with views over the ocean. I loved this place and the atmosphere.
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juki235The ancient Roman baths in Tunisia are located in the famous ruins of the ancient city of Jiataiji. There are many designs here that are very similar to the current bathrooms. I really have to admire the wisdom of the ancients.
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Historical Site
juki235The ruins of the city of Carthage is the most famous ancient city ruins in Tunisia. It has a history of more than 2,000 years. The area of the entire site is very large and there are many architectural relics. Many exquisite statues from the ancient Roman period have been unearthed here. They are definitely a symbol of ancient Roman civilization and are worth visiting.
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juki235This palace is located in the famous Carthage site. It is a museum, but it is not open to the public. Everyone can only watch some statues of the Jiataiji site around him. It is said that many precious cultural relics in the collection are only on a specific date. Will be open to the outside world. If you want to visit, you must learn about his opening practice online, otherwise you can only take a look outside.
Nearby City
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Featured Neighbourhood
juki235Bourguiba Avenue is the most famous commercial street in Tunisia. The entire street is full of various shops and restaurants. Many tourists and locals will sit in the coffee shop on the roadside and enjoy a cup of coffee or a cup of coffee. A very leisurely afternoon, this is the representative of the French life in Tunisia, you may wish to come and take a walk.

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Ruines de CarthageCarthage,Tunisia

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Palace Dar Nejma EzzahraCarthage,Tunisia

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Ancient Roman BathsCarthage,Tunisia

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Carthage MuseumCarthage,Tunisia

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Carthaginian RuinsCarthage,Tunisia

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