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Bouddi National ParkNearby City

Bouddi National Park

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"National Park"
Leo 环游澳洲
"Last weekend, a small partner was organized to go to (newcomer: Porti National Park Bouddi National Park), hiking, snorkeling and taking pictures at the beach. Dried goods sharing is as follows: Detailed address: 227-231 The Scenic Rd, Killcare Heights NSW 2257 Navigation here is a parking lot, next to the visitor center, we have more people, all without entering the traffic strategy: by car, passing Gosford along the way, the road conditions are very good walking introduction: We only walked from the parking point to Maitland Bay Beach this section of hiking, Distance is about 2Km, along the way is a dense forest, it is very easy to go down, a little hard when returning, the parents with children may face the children can not walk and need to hold back the embarrassment of snorkeling introduction: The beach is still very beautiful, you can snorkel, There are a lot of big snails in the rocks at the two sides of the beach, and also saw several large abalones, but it is not easy to catch them in the deeper depths of the water. No sea urchins were found. Fishing introduction: this beach is not allowed to fish. Highlight feature: rocks like Mars surface are the highlights here. Photo advice: Take a photo of a person with a rock background in the morning, the contrast will be stronger. There is also a wooden 🪵 awning on the beach, which has a strong Australian aboriginal culture. Entertainment experience: Bend around, take photos, blow the wind, this beach is not so outstanding, but there are few people, not far from Sydney, is a good place to relax. Itinerary arrangement: you can return on the day, like to hike small friends, can take more distance hike. Tips: Ready to get your gear, bring your drinking water, get down to the beach for a long distance, don't forget your belongings. Recommended reasons: Distance: Sydney 1 hour 30 minutes. There are fewer people. There are different pedestrian routes. The choice of rocks is great. Weekend Eva plays sand. Weekend activities. Other dry goods are as follows. You can follow me and see my relevant notes: 1, shrimp tools and price, where to buy, Shrimp catching sites and tips 2, basic snorkeling supplies 3, out-door equipment list 4, camping equipment"