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37 things to do found in Changjiang
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Luhuitou Scenic AreaNearby City

Luhuitou Scenic Area

4.6/517,715 Reviews
"City Park"
Open from 8:00am-10:30pm (Local time)
"Luhuitou 🦌: The best place to overlook the beauty of Sanya. One of the must-see attractions in Sanya 👍. Sanya is also called "Lucheng", which is named by Luhuitou, and it can be imagined that the importance of this attraction ⭐️. [🈵️ Mountain is love, 🈵️ Eye is love, 🈵️ Heart is touched] - ❣️ Do not miss this view of Sanya. ❗️ - ❣️ Here ticket price 🎫 Cheap, beautiful scenery, can also see the scenery of Sanya, absolutely value. It is recommended to arrive in the afternoon (because the sun is too strong at noon ☀️ when the weather is good), then watch the sunset 🌄, stay until 🌃 at night, be sure to see the night view and then go down the mountain 🏜️ Oh, the scenery during the day and night is different. -❣️ When buying tickets 🎫, you can buy the sightseeing car 🚌 together. Friends with energy suggest walking 🚶‍♀️ up the mountain. All the way to the mountain 📈 can see the scenery below the mountain, one side is the mountain ⛰️ one side is the view 🏞. Although it is uphill, it is very smooth, there is a need to push a baby carriage or an old wheelchair 🦽, absolutely no problem 👌. (✨ The battery car is only driving a road, and the mountain road behind it needs to go by itself) - ❣️ Deer Return Statue: The "Deer Return" statue on the mountain 🗿 is 12m high, it is a deer 🦌, a girl 👩 and a youth 👨. This is a beautiful legend, and the name of "Deer Return" is also derived from it. -❣️ Peak Viewing Platform ⛰️: This is the most worthwhile place to stop. 🌆 Watch the sunset in the evening and the lights are shining at night. ✨ Sanya's most beautiful night view ✨. -❣️ There are macaques on the mountain 🐒: Macaques occasionally come out. I saw them last year when it was dark, and suddenly two 🐒 and a little afraid of 😱. If you see monkey 🐒, it is recommended not to play and not to throw food, walk quietly forward 😂. -🎫 Tickets: 42 yuan in peak season (10.1-4.30 day). 35 yuan (5.1-9.30 day) in off-season. 1.2m below and over 70 years old free 🆓. 🚌 Sightseeing car: 15 yuan / person times (including round trip). The last shift at 22 o'clock. ⏰ Closed time: 21:30 stop entry, 22 o'clock start clearing."
Hainan Tropical Wildlife ParkNearby City

Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park

4.5/52,520 Reviews
"Botanical Garden"
Open on Mon-Fri,9:30am-5:30pm;Open on Sat-Sun,9:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"Sunday Zoo 🌥Get up at 8 o'clock to wash your hair and make up, prepare to gather at the North Gate at 10:30, eat lunch in the 18 bowls, buy mineral water, and take a taxi to Hainan Tropical Wildlife and Botanical Garden. The first stop is Monkey Mountain, the door staff let us put the bag away, can not take food in the hands, because the monkey will take. Just push the door, there is a small monkey at the door, the first time so close to the monkey! There was a cute little monkey, and a pair of monkeys were grabbing each other's hooves, very loving pictures. At the crocodile pond, a brother was feeding the crocodile with raw chicken legs, the crocodile did not move as if they were dead, but they were very fast, really scared. "The lion, the tiger, the bear... is so big, so close, I have only seen on television before, and heard the roar of tigers, who long for freedom, long for running in the prairie... the elephants are so cute when they eat, and a long nose rolls up and goes into their mouths." I heard it eat a lot of bananas every day... Originally, the ostrich is so big, the neck is so long, stand taller than me. I thought I was not afraid of snakes until I saw the skin of the giant python. . . the giant long-legged spider beside the python, although it was beautiful, I saw how big the tropical spider was. . . the most grievous thing was the big bear, it was so big, but it was only a house so small. He kept walking around the cage, there is the northwestern wolf, the lizard is not pulling down lying there, there is no wolf's prestige, the wolf is a social animals, it should miss his little friends. . . the most important thing is to see the giant panda today, really super super cute, The treatment is really envious, the Giant Panda tribute also won an Oscar, but it is really lovely, the long round one, Meng! Finally, I was very lucky to get on the last bus and the pleasant day trip to the zoo ended" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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