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Yudao – Fish Island
Speeding drifts, bullets and rains, and red-handed wrestling... These scenes of stunt performances that can only be seen in Hollywood blockbusters make you feast on the scene of the passionate Hollywood scene in the fishing island. With a cannon, the time fell back to the eve of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1944. The opening story is based on the fishing island as a background, recreating the real scenes in history, using blood and sweat to tighten people of different countries and races. Tightly united together, fighting together and blowing the horn of the revolutionary victory. The superb acting skills of the actors mobilized the anger at the scene and gave a deeper and more intuitive understanding of the history of the fishing island. After the warm-up, the second act that followed, really opened the highlight of the Hollywood G show. In a whistle, the protagonist drove off the off-road vehicle, a slightly relaxed and humorous opening. The atmosphere has eased the audience from the anti-Japanese war scenes that have just been shot. The sudden gunshots broke the silence of a moment, and a battle to save the "blue sky plan" officially kicked off, and the contest between justice and evil began. The normal performance uses modern technology such as sound and light, with the help of fireworks and water cannons, realizing the burning flame, when the flame burns, the temperature of the fire can be felt in the audience, so close at hand The performances, immersive feelings of turbulent waves, deafening explosions and many other special effects, the exciting storyline makes every minute and every second affect the hearts of the audience, attracting people's attention, rock climbing, fires and burns ....... These superb special effects performances, the interpretation of these professional actors, the performance is more than enough, it is amazing. Inadvertently, it may appear in the audience or appear above your head. Although it is outdoors, the scenery is quite elegant. European-style castles, four-wheeled sports cars, locomotives, airplanes, speedboats, cannons... They will actually enter your field of vision, simultaneously presenting multiple scenes on the same stage, let People are dizzying.
Anaya Church
Anaya Photo Raiders: Shoot the most beautiful and most filmed at dusk! came to Anaya and found that it was a little different from what I thought. Of course, the building is still beautiful, and the waters of Beidaihe are also beautiful! And people who often have surfers during the day, sitting on the beach, really enjoy, but when they come to the church of Anaya, there are people except everyone, people, people, want to find a corner of no one to take pictures, That is almost impossible. So, I want to take a panoramic view of the church. I dont know what else to do except the aerial photography. Because its all of them, Ive got a small problem with my aerial photography. Friends did not bring a memory card, only the phone connected to the screenshot, so this picture quality is a bit slag ~ this band can be aerial photography, the plane can fly to shoot, very beautiful ~ morning shot, the sun Big, hard light! The eyes can't open, basically the state of blinking! In the afternoon, the sun is still very large, and more and more people. evening sunset: This time is the best shot, the sun is going down the mountain, the light of the evening is soft and graceful, the angle is good, there will be some light and shadow, it is really Gentle and good-looking ~ In addition to shooting the auditorium, I think it is OK to stand on the beach. If there is a wave, it feels great. This trip, although a lot of people are beyond imagination, but the photos taken are quite satisfactory. PS: Because the building is beige, so just look for a corner, no one, stand, squat, sit and pat, pat, clothes, I think the solid color is pretty good~~ too deep The color is very conflicting, and it may not look good when you shoot it, but this is still a matter of personal preference! 1. Appointment: Search for an appointment on the WeChat public account to visit Anaya. Some attractions have a limited number of appointments per day, which is a fee. I dont remember how much money I can ask. 2. Check-in: Choose to stay in a villa, hotel or hotel in the Anaya community, with a room card or a hotel voucher, you can choose the hotel directly in the WeChat public account! Address: Ana Gold Coast Community, located in the Anaya Auditorium, Gold Coast Central District, Changli County, Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province
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