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Shunan Zhuhai (“South Sichuan Bamboo Sea”) National Park
Per capita 1000 play Sichuan secret Intimate time ~ This time near the Qixi Festival, Ke Ke volunteered to take me out to play. Chengdu Car Rental: Small SUV Total Cost: 4 days 2k (including eating and living) Food: Every shop along the route is particularly delicious Accommodation: Set up hotel in Trip/ Farmhouse specific trip on the bus ~ Day1: Chengdu (consuming about 2h30) - Zigong (2h30) - Fubao ancient town (stay one night) 1 Zigong must eat "the god of food, also known as the toilet rabbit". The dry pot rabbit is super delicious (40 per capita) 2 "Fubao Ancient Town, also known as Fobao Ancient Town", arrived in the evening to find accommodation (70/night per person), and then tasted the most simple Home dinner Day2: Fubao Ancient Town (1h30)-Zhangzhou (1h41)-() 1 Touring the ancient town, beginning in the late Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty, not developed No tickets, retain unique architectural features, you can take photos at random 2 Ways to eat "Old Garden Hehe Black Bean Flower" in Luzhou, recommend crispy meat and beef pot, pack "Zhangzhou White Cake" to eat on the car and arrive at "Shunnan Bamboo Sea"Online ticket purchase 70/person, hotel per capita in the scenic area 100/night Day3: Shunan Zhuhai (a few small attractions + tasting special bamboo feast) 1, walk the jade corridor, take the cable car , walk Tianbaozhai and Xianyu Cave (this is our route, there are 16 small scenic spots in the Shunan Bamboo Sea, you can arrange your own place) 2 taste the local characteristics of the whole bamboo Feast, fresh local ingredients, bamboo shoots are particularly tender, fungi are particularly fresh Day4: Shunan Zhuhai (1h30 points) - Yibin (3h) - Chengdu 1 continue to visit small attractions, Colorful waterfall 2 route Yibin for lunch, recommended burning noodles / Li Zhuang white meat 3 times Chengdu coincides with the rain after the sunny sunset travel with love tips every drive, the driver is the hardest of. Especially since only Ke Ke will drive. There is a dim sum to hurt him. This time, I specially prepared two massage instruments to relieve fatigue before departure. massage neck pillow: I bought "easy" iNeck air 2
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