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About Changsha

The innovative Xiaoxiang culture, fiery Hunan cuisine and established entertainment industry have given Changsha a free and active atmosphere formed on a thick historical base. You can go to the Hunan Museum, Tianxian Pavilion, or Taiping Street to get a feel of Changsha's historical heritage. You can also go in search of traces of Mao Zedong at places like Orange Island and the Hunan First Normal University. Don't forget to take the opportunity to climb up Mt. Yuelu for a look at the natural scenery and the Yuelu Academy. On public holidays, countless fireworks are set off on Orange Island, leaving it shrouded in smoke. This gives Changsha a lot of color.

Popular Attractions in Changsha

Orange Island
7,390 Reviews
City Park
Orange Island is a long and narrow island in the Xiang Jiang River. It is the world's longest inland river island and also one of Changsha's most famous attractions. The island has dense trees, a large orange garden, a huge Mao Zedong Statue, and other cultural galleries. During his youth days, Mao Zedong spent a lot of time walking along the beaches, sunbathing and swimming at the island. He even wrote a poem about the island. During major festivals, there will be fireworks display available here, treating visitors to a visual feast.
Colorful World
3,723 Reviews
Amusement Park
Colorful World is a theme park displaying the world's famous landscapes. There are replicas of architectural wonders around the world in different proportions, such as the German Neuschwanstein Castle and the Egyptian Lighthouse of Alexandria. You can also watch exotic performances on "International Street". Friends looking for excitement can also enjoy fun rides such as Flying Skywheel, Crazy Motorcycles, and the Triple-Loop Roller Coaster.
Shiyan Lake
2,644 Reviews
Shiyan Lake is a ecological park located in the suburbs of Changsha. It is ideal for city residents who want to take a vacation. The park contains various ecological attractions such as a water world, an equestrian club, a paintball club, an artificial beach, a team-building training base, and a Shiyan Lake Wildlife Zoo and Botanical Garden. Dragon boat contest is one of the unique offerings of Shiyan lake. It is worth checking out. The park also has entertainment programs like karting, horse riding, bumper cars and tour boats, very suitable for family trips.
Yuelu Mountain
3,804 Reviews
Yuelu Mountain, located on the west bank of Xiangjiang River, is a famous scenic spot in Changsha. There are many historical sites, such as the famous Yuelu Academy, the Love Night Pavilion, and many cemeteries of revolutionary martyrs. Trees flourish on the mountain, and most of them are old ones. The local citizens like to climb the mountain and take a walk. This is also a great place to enjoy the red leaves in autumn.

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Trip Moments

In the spring, the orange gull of Changsha Orange Island is worth visiting. The trees are lush in summer, and the flowers bloom in autumn and winter. Here you can see the portrait of young Mao Zedong, and then you can see the Du Fu Jiang Pavilion all the way to the south. And then you can visit touristic attractions such as Baishajing. Going to the head of Orange Island, you must buy the oranges here, they are big and taste sweet and very delicious. There are also food options such as the fire palace stinky tofu, Changsha stinky tofu, salt, and pepper dumplings, hibiscus Sanxian Hot pot, taste shrimp, dragon fat pig blood, sister dumplings, etc. The night view at the Changsha Orange Island is quite beautiful. Especially the fireworks at night give a beautiful view.
Posted: 18 Dec 2018
Standing at the head of the Orange Island, the spring is in its peak, covering the western mountains with greenery. Springtime is beautiful. The east overlooks the bustling city of Changsha. Orange Island is the largest inland lake in China. When you arrive at the island, you can take the subway to get off at the Orange Island Station. You can either walk from the station or choose to take another small train and then a boat trip to the Island.  Orange Island is rich in oranges so when you visit the island, you can buy some and sample their goodness. At the very end of the island, there is a large statue of Mao Zedong. It is said to be the largest in the world. This statue was made of Comrade Mao Zedong when he was in his youth. There is also a stone monument that points to the front of the mountain. The island is full of plants and is very beautiful. Bamboo, oranges, butterflies and more that add to the beauty. Every Saturday night there is a firework show on the island in Changsha that starts at 8:30 in the evening and ends at 8:50. 
Posted: 26 Dec 2018
Xiangjiang River is the mother river of Changsha. The large and small sand rafts are frequent on the Xiangjiang River. They float in the heart of the river. The Xiangjiang River Bridge in Lingbo traverses things. It is also very pleasant to feel the river breeze from the bridge. The beautiful scenery of the Xiangjiang River has an atmosphere of Changsha’s most popular city. Some people say that Xiangjiang is a business port of Changsha. The Yangtze River is extensive, the Yellow River flows slowly, and the Xiangjiang River is not fast or slow. Strolling along the banks of the Xiangjiang River, although there is no such uniqueness about this place, but it is a very relaxing place. It is clearly in the temperature of 38 degrees in Changsha, under the shade of the Xiangjiang River view, but it is unusually cold. Opening hours: all day; Tickets: free
Posted: 2 Jan 2019
Orange Island is located in the Xiangjiang River and is surrounded by miles of water. It is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in the country. There are historical and cultural exhibition halls that are present in this area. It even has Xiaoxiang celebrity clubs, music fountains, citrus culture gardens, natural swimming pools and other landscapes. At certain festivals, the fireworks display at Orange Island are spectacular. There is only one gate here so you enter and exit from the same place.  Address: No. 2, Orange Island, Yuelu District, Changsha City: 50 HKD/person for the beach park; 20 HKD/person for the sightseeing bus (5 stations can be taken up and down once in the middle)  Tip: You can take the Changsha to go to the Orange Island Subway Line 2 to [Orange Zizhou] stop
Posted: 16 Mar 2019
It is the fourth time that I have come to Changsha. I was not on a business trip or recording a program. A few days ago, I rushed to "lie down for a few days" and re-recognize the city again. This time I chose to stay at the Intercontinental Hotel in Changsha, Beisha. I booked the hotel pick-up service early. The driver master drove along the Liuyang River all the way to the Xiangjianghuikou, and went to the hotel. It is next to the ancient city downtown, and the location is unique. Standing on the balcony of the room, you can see the last bend of the Liuyang River into the Xiangjiang River, a quiet paradise. Right, when I live, I catch up with the star record, it seems to be the messy online drama man who recently fired. I booked a luxury executive river view balcony room, which was previously recommended by friends. This room is very cost-effective, with 270 degrees of invincible river Jingyang, you can see the panoramic view of Xiangjiang. The room of about 70 square meters, the price is generally controlled at around 1800 yuan, the price is very high. To measure a hotel, the restaurant is definitely an important factor. There are three restaurants in the main area, and it is highly recommended to be on the first floor of Xiangxiu. The administrative deputy chef and Hunan cuisine master Luo Lin from the Hunan cuisine master Wang Moquan master, concentrated on studying Hunan cuisine for more than 20 years. This time I am coming to catch up with the "Looking for Xiangxiang" summer limited menu. Chef Luo visited all parts of Hunan and brought 14 local Hunan cuisines. [Crayfish ball stinky tofu] and [old Changsha sugar oil fried chicken], remember the names of these two dishes.
Posted: 19 Dec 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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