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Must-Visit Museums in Changsha

Hunan Provincial Museum
7,118 Reviews
5.7km from downtown
"A Ma Wangdui has propped up the Hunan Provincial Museum, and the Mrs. Xin Chai family has made outstanding contributions. After a year, I came to Xiangbo again to punch cards, retain the repertoire, or that popular super-bang, many students are young and come to join the fun, each time there are different feelings."
Reasons to Recommend: Hunan Museum has a rich collection of cultural relics, especially of those from the Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tombs. The Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tombs Exhibition is a permanent exhibit at Hunan Museum. It features thin-as-cicada-wing plain yarn garments, undamaged printed cotton gowns, all kinds of exquisite embroidery, brightly painted lacquer wares, delicate and detailed paintings, and so on.
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Hunan Provincial Museum of Geology
108 Reviews
14.1km from downtown
"The Hunan Geological Museum feels the magic of nature, learns popular science, has strong interest, dinosaur fossils, rocks, ores, feels very good, cost-effective, free, good choice."
Changsha Museum
180 Reviews
4.4km from downtown
"This time to Changsha Museum, the biggest harvest is to have a certain understanding of Changsha Kiln. Totally by the Tang Dynasty Changsha Kiln shock. In addition to the technological innovation of the underglaze color, globalization, order-type trade, etc., reflected in the various poetic and artistic in porcelain objects, we have given the Tang Dynasty people a new understanding."
Reasons to Recommend: The Changsha City Museum is a comprehensive local museum built after the reform and opened up on the basis of the original site of the former Communist Party Committee of Hunan Province. The museum houses precious cultural relics that reflect the history of Changsha and the modern revolutionary history. The form of the museum, whether viewed from afar or near, is like a piece of precious stone that has been carefully carved, and magnificent.
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Changsha Bamboo and Wooden Slips MuseumClosed
224 Reviews
6.5km from downtown
"Like this kind of sword to the theme museum, opposite the Tianxin Pavilion, you can punch in together, closed on Tuesday, everyone's watch ran wrong. The layout is very thoughtful, displaying all kinds of Jianxuan cultural relics unearthed in Changsha, few people, quiet, you can taste carefully, like one."
Reasons to Recommend: Situated between Tianxin Pavilion and Baisha Jing in Changsha, the Museum of Bamboo and Wooden Slips in Changsha is designed as a Han Dynasty style, borrowing from the high-rise architectural forms that prevailed during the Three Kingdoms Period. The museum displays a large number of historical bamboo and wooden slips from the Western Han Dynasty, the Eastern Han Dynasty, and the Sun Wu period of the Three Kingdoms. It also shows bamboo and wooden slips at home and abroad, the history of literal, and the making of bamboo and wooden slips. If you are a culture lover, the Museum of Bamboo and Wooden Slips is a good place to go.
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Lei Feng Memorial Hall
No comments yet
9.6km from downtown
"Leifeng Memorial Hall is advanced facilities, beautiful environment, is the publicity Leifeng, research Leifeng, commemoration of Leifeng activities center. After 1992 expansion of the new building for the second floor, the building area of 4400 square meters, like a red flag. The five gold bronze characters written by Comrade Jiang Zemin are the frontal "Lei Feng Memorial Hall""
Reasons to Recommend: Lei Feng Memorial Hall is situated between the hills in Lei Feng Town, Wancheng County, Changsha City. Lei Feng used to live in Lei Feng Town. Stories of his life are known throughout the country. His actions have a strong message -- that one should use their limited life to serve their country. The plaza has a sculpture of Lei Feng, while the memorial hall contains Lei Fei Former Residence, exhibition room, Changsha National Defense Education Center, etc. The exhibition hall has the shape of a flag and displays a large amount of documents, pictures, etc.
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Hunan Embroidery Museum
140 Reviews
7.7km from downtown
"The Xiangxiu Museum in China feels the skills and past life of four famous embroidery embroidery, which is interesting, refreshing, cost-effective, free attractions and learns about the beauty of needlepoint."
Reasons to Recommend: The China Hunan Embroidery Museum is a professional museum that shows the history and skills of Hunan embroidery to the world. The pavilion consists of three themed exhibition halls: The Historical Origin of embroidery, The Rise of Hunan embroidery, and Contemporary Embroidery. The exhibits vividly reproduce the evolution of Hunan embroidery craftsmanship and the exquisite masterpieces of the ancestors, and vividly introduce the development of Xiangxiu. The history and exquisite contemporary works showcase the new style of embroidery art.
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Hotpot Museum
70 Reviews
7.5km from downtown
"In the hot pot of the Xianniu Village singing field near Shuangjing, it is a very good store. The whole small table is rich in items. The decoration inside is very Korean folk style. The authentic dipper game is delicious. It is recommended that the game in the store still have recommended activities. You can send a calf. That steak still tastes good, it is boiling long time."
Reasons to Recommend: This "Hot Pot Museum" located in Changsha, Hunan Province not only includes pottery hot pot presented in "A Bite of China", but also a rare "electric stove hot pot", as well as more than 60 types of hot pots, such as copper hot pot and cloisonne hot pot. . Diners can see all the hot pots in the country at one time, and then have a full meal here.
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Chinese Fireworks Culture Museum
28 Reviews
81.6km from downtown
"China Fireworks Culture Museum feels the relevant knowledge of fireworks, good choice, has characteristics, interesting, long knowledge, refreshing feeling, cost-effective, good choice."
Reasons to Recommend: The museum is built in the national demonstration town of small towns—Daheping in the Fireworks Industrial Park of Dayao Town. This is the birthplace of fireworks. The original capital and profound fireworks cultural heritage. The Chinese Firecracker Culture Museum, built on the site of the original Litang Pavilion, imitates the ancient buildings of the Tang Dynasty, with blue bricks and blue tiles, flowing eaves and painted buildings. The front door of the original pavilion still exists, and the ancient style is still there. The exhibition hall is divided into four parts: "Millennium Tour", "Traditional Craft", "Modern Technology", "Brilliant Achievement", the origin of Liuyang Firecrackers, More than 1400 years of history of change, development and prosperity. The museum has collected more than 100 fireworks printing plates and trolleys in the early Ming and Qing Dynasties, and displayed more than 200 photos of various periods, showing the long, complex, brilliant and magnificent history of fireworks since its birth. China Firecracker Culture Museum is the first village-run museum in the country and enjoys the reputation of "the first museum of firecrackers in China". It pioneered a new model of building a museum by relying on the power of the village administration, creating a short time to build a museum and a collection of historical materials. It is a miracle of building a museum with high architectural taste.
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Chinese Academy Museum
27 Reviews
5.4km from downtown
"Located in Yuelu College, the China Academy Museum is a special museum that shows the history of Chinese Academy and cultural education. During the epidemic, there was no opening for visitors, leaving regrets and disappointments 😞. [Scenery] Four seasons distinct, [interest] understanding of the history of Chinese Academy and cultural education. [Cost-effective] high!"
Reasons to Recommend: The Chinese Academy Museum is a special museum that displays the history of Chinese academies and cultural education. It is located in Yuelu Academy, the largest and well-preserved ancient academy in China. The museum is divided into the Xiange Millennium Exhibition Hall, which displays the millennium development history of ancient Chinese academies, the Academy Education Exhibition Hall, which displays school supplies and teaching methods, the Academy Academic Exhibition Hall, which introduces the "famous academies" and representatives, and the academy's sacrifice, book collection, and engraving exhibition halls. The exhibits in the museum are also rich. In addition to ancient test-taking textbooks, various plaques and dogmas, precious ancient books, and the four treasures of the study, there are also the "Yuelu Academy" stone tablet inscribed by Zhenzong of the Northern Song Dynasty, the representative academy of the Ming Dynasty, Donglin Academy, Lize Hall, Korea Taoshan. The restored scenes of the Academy Church, the Minglun Hall of the Bailudong Academy, and the Xuehai Hall of the Qing Dynasty, as well as the rubbing of the real portrait of Mr. Zhu Wengong engraved on Zhu Yingtai in Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, and the statue of Zhu Zi in the Qing Dynasty.
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TOP 10
Tanguobin Dangdai Art Museum
No comments yet
7.4km from downtown
TOP 11
Yuelu Nongqugu Senlin Gongyuan Koudai Museum
No comments yet
10.3km from downtown
"Going to the Farm Valley again is to see the lotus, the summer without the lotus, is incomplete summer, it is just the lotus blooming is not very full, but there are several areas of the lotus pond, you can also catch shrimp in the lotus pond, there is a stream, the water is very clear, the water is very cold, Had a great time with the kids in the water. There are also a lot of farmhouse fun to eat. There are also many vineyards nearby, this season can also go to pick grapes, last time also introduced in the inside can also claim a vegetable field, parent-child planting vegetables, now almost can harvest rich fruit."
TOP 12
3 Reviews
10.2km from downtown
"Inferior to the Provincial Museum, you can check the exhibition content on the official website"
Reasons to Recommend: Hunan Kaiyuan Museum is a private museum founded by Mr. Huang Binrong after more than 30 years and approved by the Hunan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs and the Hunan Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau in 2010. According to legend, the honorary titles such as "Outstanding Team of China's Cultural Heritage Protection" and "Top Ten Private Museums in China". The Hunan Kaiyuan Museum is mainly composed of the Huaxia Famous Plaque Hall and the Chinese Traditional Silverware Hall, as well as the Ancient Secret Recipe Hall of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Ancient Agarwood Hall, the Yew Furniture Hall, the Modern History Hall, and the Imperial Examination Hall of the Past Dynasties. A total of 11 different museums can be built. Category of museum branch, each branch has 500~5000 collections.
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