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Hunan University Library

Hunan University Library

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Open from 7:00am-10:30pm (Local time)
"In response to the invitation of my girlfriends, I came to Changsha to visit and visited many well-known and characteristic places in Changsha. However, there are still a few little-known niche attractions that are unforgettable for me and are worth visiting. See. Strict school spirit-Yali Middle School Changsha Yali Middle School is a key and well-known school in Hunan. It is a school with a high pass rate of 918 and 211. Covering an area of 63,000 square meters, the environment is very good, the air is relatively fresh, and the campus road is lined with trees on both sides of the road. The school atmosphere here is very strict, and only weekend visits are allowed. The school's hardware facilities are comprehensive, and the sports field is also very large. There are 10 outdoor basketball courts. The most amazing thing is that in 2016, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage announced that there are 28 ancient tombs that span more than 1,000 years in the campus playground. It is worth visiting. Opening hours: On weekends, Shanshuizhou City-Changsha South Station Changsha South Station is mostly in a hurry. In fact, you can visit it when you are waiting or getting off the bus. Of course, this time you came to Changsha and you also saw Changsha South Station. Appearance. The architectural style of the station as a whole reflects the characteristics of Hunan's Shanshuizhou City. You can see the mountain-like station buildings and wave-like canopies designed with curves. The glass curtain wall on the front of the station can feel the characteristics of Huxiang, adopting the characteristic window grill form, and the waiting room is separated from the platform by a curtain wall, and the scenery of the platform can be overlooked in the waiting room. Opening hours: Opening to the outside world, comfortable and unique——Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Library Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a well-known undergraduate college in Hunan Province. It is divided into two campuses, Pudong and Dongtang. The Hanpu campus is very large and has Two very beautiful artificial lakes are very beautiful. The university’s library is located on the Hanpu campus. It has a magnificent appearance and is a cylindrical building with a characteristic exhibition gallery inside. It displays the contents of Chinese medicine materials on the one hand and the related information of 64 famous universities in China. information. There is also a special open-style cabin in the tube, which contains a bibliography of psychological problems and treatments. The layout of the room is warm and comfortable, with gentle colors. It is a unique reading cabin. Opening hours: Opening to the outside world and a strong learning atmosphere-Hunan University North Campus Library Hunan University of Finance and Economics merged with Hunan University, and it is called Hunan University Finance School District, which can also be said to be Hunan University North Campus. It mainly focuses on finance and finance. Mainly, there are a lot of bank presidents from this campus. When you come here, you must visit the library and feel the strong learning atmosphere here. The library is located in the corner of the campus playground, and the tall buildings add a touch of color to the campus. The library is divided into a new library and an old library. The new library and the old library are adjacent to each other. The new library has six floors, with a stack of books and reading rooms. The old library has four floors. Different from the new library, the old library is a self-study room. Mainly, provide students with a place to study, and they are overcrowded every day. Opening hours: Open to the public historical memory-Martyrs Park Martyrs Park is a large comprehensive park with beautiful scenery, lakes and mountains, and many lush trees. There is a small playground and a small lake where you can exercise and boat in your free time. However, I think the Martyrs Tower is the core of the park. The Martyrs Tower occupies a large area and stands majesticly here. Surrounded by green trees, the Martyrs Tower is even more majestic. You can visit the tower. It commemorates the heroes who died in the revolution. It is a historical memory. It is very suitable for visiting with children. Opening hours: open to the public. In fact, every place will have several niche attractions worth visiting. They are hidden in the corners. Few people know that they are waiting quietly. Only after they have been there can they know its beauty."
Mawangduihan Wenhua Guangchang Shuzi Experience Hall

Mawangduihan Wenhua Guangchang Shuzi Experience Hall

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"Fine Art Gallery"
Open from 9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"As for Changsha Mawangdui, if you have been to Hunan Provincial Museum, you must know that this is the original excavation site of the large Han tomb. And this is located near Mawangdui Square, near Mawangdui Han Cultural Digital Experience Hall, between Liuyang River Bridge and Dongguandu Bridge, the pedestrian bridge across Liuyang River "Hanqiao" became Changsha new jin net red punching point. The nearest subway station in front of the traffic mode of Mawangdui Han Culture Digital Experience Hall, southwest of the intersection of Liuyanghe Avenue and Guhan Road, Furong District, Changsha is after taking the subway line 5 to the Huoju Village Station, and walk or ride 1.5 kilometers from the exit station. The nearby bus stop is the Guojiawan station or Guqu intersection station of Guhan Road, and it is not more than 300 meters walk. Driving parking by car to the Mawangdui Han Cultural Digital Experience Hall, there is currently free parking area around Mawangdui Square, and there are merchants around the parking fee, relatively convenient around Mawangdui Square has a big statue of Xin Chaiyu, It is visible by car. The walking bridge is about 2 kilometers away from the Liuyang River Wedding Cultural Park in Changsha and the Wanjiali International Shopping Plaza. The photo suggests standing on the pedestrian path of the Liuyang River scenery belt from afar like a crescent-shaped appearance of the pedestrian bridge across the Liuyang River, the "Han Bridge" is 224 meters long, is the first bridge across the river in Changsha, is the core of the bridge connecting the east and west banks of the Liuyang River. It is inspired by the Hanqin excavated from Mawangdui tomb of Han Dynasty, the steel frame as a whole like a harp strings, the internal steel frame simple external curve soft, looks just soft and merging, quite a charm. Hanqiao Bridge is a double-layer design, the upper is a pedestrian walkway, the lower is a bicycle path, can be accessible. The steel frame structure is very design, looks like the industrial wind. The sun is shining brightly from 4pm to 5pm at sunset, and the skewed sunset over the bridge makes the building more structured and beautifully lined, and the time period is the softest. The photos can be more peaceful. Close to the water side, it is perfect for taking photos of the harbor or the mood retro wind. Of course, I like the industrial wind here is also fully filmable. I saw new people taking wedding photos on the bridge when I went. About 6:30 in the evening (if I remember correctly, this is the point) the walking bridge will be lit. The bridge after the light is not particularly bright, but it is quite interesting to watch the Cyberpunk wind (the 1-2 photo) after the later period. Tours suggest that Hanqiao is not far from Changsha Liuyanghe Wedding Celebration Cultural Park and Wanjiali International Shopping Plaza. If you have time and are interested, you can put three points on the same line on the same day. Especially the local tycoon attractions Grand View Garden and the top floor parking lot in Wanjiali International Shopping Plaza do not miss. There are also restaurants and cinemas in Wanjiali International Shopping Plaza, tired to go shopping can also find a place to eat and drink. The last two shots of the shooting equipment were taken by Nikon D850 hanging Shima sigma 35mm f1.4 focus lens, others were taken using Huawei mate 40pro night view / ultra wide angle / large aperture mode, and later adjusted by PS"