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Xiangzhang Road香樟路

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Address: Xiangzhang Rd, Yuhua Qu, Changsha Shi, Hunan Sheng, China

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Changsha Leisure Vacation Collection Changsha is the capital city of Hunan Province as a famous historical and cultural city in my country. The first thing that attracted me to Changsha was because I watched Hunan Satellite TV. This time I decided to come here to relax and see how the scenery is. Xiangzhang Road-Xiangzhang Road, Xiangzhang Road is the first stop on this trip. Xiangzhang Road is located in Yuhua District, Changsha City. Why did you choose to come here? Mainly because I have a special fascination with camphor trees. I used to like camphor trees when I was in school. When I was fine, I liked to play in the camphor garden of the school. Xiangzhang Road is just like its name. There are camphor trees everywhere. The evergreen scenery throughout the year is also very charming. The most important thing is that camphor trees play an important role. They not only absorb dust but also absorb harmful gases. Admission: Free Meixi Lake Park---the largest artificial lake. It was once a low-lying land and later transformed into a wetland park. Nowadays, the beautiful scenery here is a good place for nearby residents to relax and entertain. Meixi Lake Park is the largest park in Changsha and has now become a business card of Changsha City. The fresh air is beautiful and the environment is very suitable for cycling and walking. In the evening, you can not only see the beautiful sunset but also the spectacular music. The fountain can be admired, and the lights cooperate with the fountain to form a beautiful landscape. Tickets: Free Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street---the most prosperous area to go shopping in Changsha is also one of the must-select items, so naturally it is indispensable to go to the most prosperous and nationally famous pedestrian street Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street! This is a very comprehensive pedestrian street, set Tourism, culture, entertainment and shopping are integrated. At the starting point of the pedestrian street is a solemn sculpture that is the statue of Huang Xing. This street has a history of about a hundred years. As a foodie, the first thing to do here is to eat. There is a collection of the most famous snacks in Hunan for you to enjoy. Tickets: Free Yuefang ID MALL---International Shopping Center Yuefang ID MAL is a Hong Kong-style shopping mall built in the core area of Changsha City. The popularity here may be due to its relatively good location. It’s a place to eat, drink and have fun. No matter if you are shopping or taking your kids to the playground, you can always be satisfied here. The environment of the whole shopping mall is also very good. It is very fashionable. It is also very exquisite. The atmosphere is spacious and bright. The design has a strong sense. It is very suitable for young people to visit. The clothes are very fashionable and trendy, but for me it is still a little expensive. It certainly won't be very cheap! Tickets: Free Taiping Old Street---The most complete ancient street of Mashi is located in the southern part of the old city of Changsha. It is very conspicuous. There is a tall archway on the street with the words "Taiping Old Street" written on it. Although the whole street is not wide nor long, it is very clean and tidy, but it is full of ancient history, and all the architectural styles are almost antique. The former residence of the famous Chinese writer Jia Yi is here. After more than one hundred repairs, it is still completely preserved in place. Walking on the ancient street feels the impact of modern style and ancient buildings with a unique flavor. Tickets: Free. An old city in Changsha that has experienced more than two thousand years of history. It has survived various wars and changes and is still well preserved. It is really not easy to this day. A walk in Changsha to experience the humanistic feelings of this city will let you You have gained a lot.

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