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Changxing is located in Zhejiang Province's Huzhou City. It is said to be the northern gate of Zhejiang Province. Built in the Spring and Autumn Period, Changxing was known in ancient times as "the Great Wall." It has a history spanning more than 1,700 years. One of the landscapes particularly worth seeing in Changxing is the Five Kilometer Ginkgo Promenade. From the end of October to the middle of November, the ginkgo forests of autumn are very lush and beautiful. Guyu Mountain is the birthplace of Chinese tea culture and the seat of the first royal tribute tea house to have existed in Chinese history. Visitors who are interested in tea culture should not miss out on the unique opportunity to visit Guyu Mountain.
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Things To Do in Changxing

Datang Gong Tea House
512 Reviews
Tea Plantation
暗夜精灵21[Scenery] After staying in the city for a long time, it's really nice to breathe fresh air here. The green mountains and green waters are everywhere, and it feels really refreshing. If you have time, you can slow down and take a good look at the tea scriptures in Lu Yu Pavilion, see the origin and production process of purple bamboo shoots tea, and then sit down with family or friends and chat while drinking tea. [Value for money] Tickets for the scenic spot are 70. You can buy it online at a lower price, and you can get a free cup of tea. In general, I personally feel that the price is not very expensive, and the tea delivered is also very good~ I didn't feel particularly tired after walking for a day, maybe because the environment is good, the air is good, and the oxygen is sufficient. There are still many businesses in the surrounding area that have not yet opened, but there are many farmhouses. It is estimated that it will be lively here in another two years.
Tuying Ecological Wetland Cultural Park
402 Reviews
117***57The Tuying Ecological Wetland Cultural Park in Changxing County is an original wetland park located in the Dragon Dream Resort of Taihu Lake. The ice area has reached more than 3000 acres. There are hundreds of wild animals living in it, and it takes 15 minutes to board the island by boat. The idyllic scenery on the island is very beautiful and it is worth visiting.
Xianshan Lake Scenic Area
527 Reviews
蕙质兰心蕙质兰心Changxing has always had the reputation of the township of fish and rice, the silk house, the southeast look county. Changxing has many special and excellent new products, there are four treasures of Taihu Lake: silver fish, white shrimp, eel, hairy crab; there are four treasures of Changxing: ginkgo, hanging melon, chestnut, green plum; There are three outstanding products: Zijing tea, Zisha kettle, Jinshaquan. Changxing is rich in mineral resources, known as the hometown of building materials, is one of the largest building materials production bases in East China.
Chinese Alligator Nature Reserve
224 Reviews
Nature Reserve
josefjiebailiChinese Alligator Reserve Very small but very suitable for family outing Take a boat across the Crocodile Lake. Thousands of crocodiles circle the boat. You can buy bread for 5 yuan to feed. There are also three crocodiles in the performance area.
Ancient Ginkgo Corridor
483 Reviews
Ancient Trees
CD云上Recommended reason: Ginkgo is super beautiful and the commercial atmosphere is too strong. There are too many people. Super dry goods. In November, the leaves are yellow and fall the most beautiful. Don't go to the thousand-year-old tree. It is too commercial. There is a left-turn path on the left. Local villagers live in small courtyards with few people and original ecology. The scenery is beautiful and big movies can be produced. There are also rows of ginkgo on the left side of the gate, there are not many people, it is beautiful, and the production rate is high. Someone at the door said to take you to the farmhouse for dinner. Before getting on the bus, they said that they would cost 15 per person. It felt bad, so I drove for 3 or 4 minutes. The yellow ginkgo leaves are flying down in the month, really beautiful. Pay attention to the route and take the outer circle
South Taihu Lake Ocean Park
350 Reviews
滇国剑客In the Nanda Lake Ocean Park, there are both land playgrounds and a lot of water projects. Because the environment of Jieyuan is well-protected, it attracts many waterbirds to inhabit, which increases the "dynamic rhythm" of the park.

Popular Hotels in Changxing

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Chinese Alligator Nature Reserve
Chinese Alligator Nature ReserveHuzhou,China

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Bianshan Mountain
Bianshan MountainHuzhou,China

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Shuikou Purple Bamboo Farmhouse
Shuikou Purple Bamboo FarmhouseHuzhou,China

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Aibinong Taihuhui Selected Resort
Aibinong Taihuhui Selected ResortHuzhou,China

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Jindingzi Geological Museum
Jindingzi Geological MuseumHuzhou,China

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Datang Gong Tea House
Datang Gong Tea HouseHuzhou,China

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Changxing Weather

Mar 2, 2021
2 ~ 9
Mar 3, 2021
8 / 13
Mar 4, 2021
7 / 15
Mar 5, 2021
Light to moderate rain
7 / 16
Mar 6, 2021
Light rain
4 / 11
Mar 7, 2021
6 / 10
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Changxing
Mar 2, 2021 Changxing Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:72%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:27/17:59
Changxing Travel:Use Caution, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Low

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