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Things To Do in Changxing

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Tea Plantation
望京小筑Datang Gong Tea House is located in Hutou Rock on the side of Gu'an Mountain in Changxing County, Zhejiang Province. It was built in the fifth year of the Tang Dynasty (770). It is the place where the Tang Dynasty Gong Tea Gu'an Zijing Tea was built by the governor, and it is also the first tea processing factory in Chinese history. The purple tea produced in the Songshan Mountain of Changxing was made in Tang Dynasty. The Tang Dynasty was 5years old, with 500 grams of tribute. The tribute was increased to 18,000,400 jin in the year of Huichangzhong (841.846).
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gisellewqlThere is a free wetland park package at the hotel. I went to the noon on the 4th. There are not too many people, it is particularly comfortable. The pier is located in the Dragon Dream Yashi Hotel and is within walking distance. There are two ways to get to the island by boat for about ten minutes. One is twenty minutes, the other is 50 minutes. We are walking for 20 minutes. There are feeding animals along the way. There are children's mazes. There are lotus ponds. Eating and playing. It takes about two hours to finish the journey. Not tired or crowded, personal feeling is the most comfortable attraction in the dragon dream.
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金111Qingming Xiaolong Holiday to Changxing to relax, take the old man to the more relaxed Xianshan Lake Scenic Area, the scenic area is relatively large, take a boat, walk, sun. After coming out for food, find a homestay is quite beautiful, and have the opportunity to live in the future.
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Ancient Trees
CD云上Recommended reason: Ginkgo is super beautiful and the commercial atmosphere is too strong. There are too many people. Super dry goods. In November, the leaves are yellow and fall the most beautiful. Don't go to the thousand-year-old tree. It is too commercial. There is a left-turn path on the left. Local villagers live in small courtyards with few people and original ecology. The scenery is beautiful and big movies can be produced. There are also rows of ginkgo on the left side of the gate, there are not many people, it is beautiful, and the production rate is high. Someone at the door said to take you to the farmhouse for dinner. Before getting on the bus, they said that they would cost 15 per person. It felt bad, so I drove for 3 or 4 minutes. The yellow ginkgo leaves are flying down in the month, really beautiful. Pay attention to the route and take the outer circle
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Nature Reserve
josefjiebailiChinese Alligator Reserve Very small but very suitable for family outing Take a boat across the Crocodile Lake. Thousands of crocodiles circle the boat. You can buy bread for 5 yuan to feed. There are also three crocodiles in the performance area.
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twx***cxChangxing is a very good museum, rare, worth a visit, there is also a New Fourth Army exhibition hall nearby. Changxing is a very good museum, rare, worth a visit, there is also a New Fourth Army exhibition hall nearby. Changxing is a very good museum, rare, worth a visit, there is also a New Fourth Army exhibition hall nearby. Changxing is a very good museum, rare, worth a visit, there is also a New Fourth Army exhibition hall nearby.

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About Changxing

Changxing is located in Zhejiang Province's Huzhou City. It is said to be the northern gate of Zhejiang Province. Built in the Spring and Autumn Period, Changxing was known in ancient times as "the Great Wall." It has a history spanning more than 1,700 years. One of the landscapes particularly worth seeing in Changxing is the Five Kilometer Ginkgo Promenade. From the end of October to the middle of November, the ginkgo forests of autumn are very lush and beautiful. Guyu Mountain is the birthplace of Chinese tea culture and the seat of the first royal tribute tea house to have existed in Chinese history. Visitors who are interested in tea culture should not miss out on the unique opportunity to visit Guyu Mountain.

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