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About Changxing

Changxing is located in Zhejiang Province's Huzhou City. It is said to be the northern gate of Zhejiang Province. Built in the Spring and Autumn Period, Changxing was known in ancient times as "the Great Wall." It has a history spanning more than 1,700 years. One of the landscapes particularly worth seeing in Changxing is the Five Kilometer Ginkgo Promenade. From the end of October to the middle of November, the ginkgo forests of autumn are very lush and beautiful. Guyu Mountain is the birthplace of Chinese tea culture and the seat of the first royal tribute tea house to have existed in Chinese history. Visitors who are interested in tea culture should not miss out on the unique opportunity to visit Guyu Mountain.

Popular Attractions in Changxing

South Taihu Lake Ocean Park
349 Reviews
South Taihu Lake Ocean Park introduces the educational and entertainment concept combining education and entertainment to create a playground for amusement, learning and rest. "Travel of Small Water Drops" is the theme of the exhibition at South Pacific Lake Ocean Park. The park uses water droplets along the water to travel from the river to the depths of the sea, allowing visitors to experience the interesting underwater ecosystem. The park also specializes in short-term marine themes or marine hot-themed exhibitions, bringing together related creatures in a wonderful and interesting form, creating a better platform for more visitors to understand marine knowledge and biology in a comprehensive and targeted way.
Datang Gong Tea House
405 Reviews
Tea Plantation
Datang Gong Tea House is a “royal tea factory” that specializes in processing tea for the court in Chinese history. The current Datang Gong Tea House is newly built and consists of Lu Yuge, Jixiang Temple, Donglang and Xilang. The whole tribute tea house is imitation of Tang architecture, with magnificent momentum. There is a shopping center on the east side of Lu Yuge, and a tea shop on the west side. It is a combination of sightseeing, study, quality and leisure. The natural landscape and cultural connotation complement each other. Tea culture tourist attractions.
Ancient Ginkgo Corridor
317 Reviews
Ancient Trees
The Ancient Ginkgo Corridor is located in Badujie Scenic Area, Xiaopu Town, Changxing County, and is one of the three major ancient natural wonders of Changxing County. The area is scattered with native wild ginkgo. Ginkgo is a descendant of the plant order Ginkgoales and an ancient genus of existing seed plants. There is only one family, genus and species left of existing Ginkgoales and ginkgo has become an endangered plant species under Class II protection by the state. At present, only the West Tianmu Mountain in Zhejiang Province, Shennongjia area at the intersection of Sichuan and Hubei Province and Dabie Mountains neighboring Henan and Anhui Province have retained a small quantity of wild and semi-wild ginkgo.
Tuying Ecological Wetland Cultural Park
351 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
The Tuying Ecological Wetland Cultural Park consists of three parts: the quayside area, the earth landscape area, and the ecological island area. The four scenic spots of Dadang, Chenwan, Zhoudu, and Yalan are the main attractions. The water courses, reeds, river network and more than 20 islands naturally form the artistic concept of "wildness, quietness and leisure". It is a comprehensive cultural tourism area integrating original ecology display, cultural preaching, leisure and vacation spending.

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Changxing Weather

4 Jun 2020
22 °
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6 Jun 2020
Light Rain
7 Jun 2020
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Trip Moments

Avoid the crowds of people, see the mountains and see the trees to see the scenery National Day to find out where to go? The whole family mobilized, brought parents, mother-in-law, the old small family to go out, must be less beautiful, within 2 hours of driving, you can not take the high-speed, avoid traffic jams and finally lock Changxing. Going to Changxing low-cost all-inclusive farmhouse, definitely not my dish. Brushed a circle of hotels, the National Day went out several times, and finally I locked a B&B through the app of, during the National Day 580, it was a conscience price. After all, in the scenic area, after all, the landscape room. The room is a touch of Japanese wood color and the warmth. Dinner can be ordered at the farmhouse, very convenient. B&B name is: Shanshui side, located on the main road of Changxing Shili Ginkgo Promenade, Ginkgo is not yellow, not to the best time, but also get some clean. In another month, it is estimated to be the best viewing period for the best ginkgo. A ginkgo landscape avenue can be driven far and wide, it is worthy of "Ten Miles" when booking the B&B on the app, paying special attention to the location and the surrounding environment. Outside the balcony of my room, it is such a secluded green hill. The bamboo forest is swaying. There are different ways of travel. Some people like to travel through countless scenic spots. In such a long and idyllic environment, I still hide in the mountains, a pot of tea, surrounded by green hills, shaking on a lounge chair and not willing to get up. . Autumn autumn rain, secluded green hills, there is a kind of empty mountain and rain. The father stood on the balcony and looked at the back. He felt that he was old and his hair was half white. The summer vacation and the Spring Festival are often not at home. Many things at home are helped by parents. For the rest of my life, I will accompany the elderly. When are the children strong enough to hold their parents in the palm of their hands, and when the children are like them?
Posted: 8 Oct 2019
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