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[To the real world of the "Ten Mile Peach Blossoms"] Nothing is more suitable for a year of travel and life than a spring trip. In the spring of March, I came to the Chengshangou Scenic Area in Huzhou. Chengshangou is located in the south of Changxing County, the famous "Folk Country Buddha". The scenic spot is adjacent to more than 200 acres of Taohua Lake. In the west, it is based on the famous historical and cultural mountain of Changxing-Chengshan, and there is a thousand-year-old temple in the history of the 1600-year-old Qingshan Temple. At this moment, in the Chengshangou scenic area, rapeseed, peach blossom, Yingshanhong, and Camellia are fighting for beauty, and they are definitely not to be missed. The most commendable, or peach. At this time, it is the Chengshangou Peach Blossom Festival. Peach blossoms in the mountains, or powder or red, is beautiful! In addition to the flowers of various colors, there are many interesting landscapes in Chengshangou: Taohua Lake, the land of fish and rice, water expansion, and the maze of Shicheng Mountain.... It is worth to call one by one. , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,! Traffic: High-speed rail: Hangzhou East Railway Station - Huzhou Station - Chengshangou
Posted: 31 Mar 2019
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Datang Gong Tea House
Datang Gong Tea House is located in Hutouyan on the side of Guyu Mountain in Changxing County, Zhejiang Province. It was built in the Tang Dynasty for five years (770 years). It is the place to supervise the Tang Dynasty tribute tea Gu Yu Zi Sun Tea, or it can be said to be the first tea processing workshop in Chinese history. The Zisun tea produced in Changxing Guyu Mountain is a tribute tea of the Tang Dynasty. In the five years of the Tang Dynasty, there were five hundred tributes to the tribute; to the Changzhong (841-846), the tribute increased to 18,400 jin. Dangtanggong Tea House is composed of Lu Yuge, Jixiang Temple, Donglang and Xilang. As soon as you enter the scenic spot, the whole building is built along the mountain. The distance is magnificent and ancient. It is also a kind of antique, which seems to be the wrong time before the millennium. While enjoying the long and quiet tea culture, you can enjoy the "stolen life for half a day". pleasure. In the scenic spot, Lu Yuge mainly displays the life of the tea saint Lu Yu and the Tea Sutra; the Jingji Temple and the Lu Yuge are opposite to the north and the south, and the temple is dedicated to Manjushri; the west corridor is composed of celebrity allusions, cliff carvings, Twenty-eight thorns history consists of three major components; Donglang's tribute tea production, three varieties of tribute, tribute tea knowledge, court tea performances and other content reflect the historical origin of tribute tea.
2019 First Travel Pic
Changxing, a small county under the Huzhou City of Zhejiang Province, once known from the unknown, was quickly occupied by the Shanghainese. The Shanghainese everywhere, the ubiquitous Shanghai dialect, became a "Shanghai village". This small county town, which is only 180 kilometers away from Shanghai, is well-known in both the old age and the parent-child circle in Shanghai. Guyu Village in the county is the main place to receive tourists. The whole village is almost covered by farmhouses. There are tea houses and local products in the village. Many tourists choose to stay here for a few days or more than a month. The benefits may be here. The signboard, 50, 60 yuan a day, you can enjoy the package of eating and drinking treatment, appreciate the good mountains and good water, breathing good air, eating farmhouse dishes, living a healthy life. Changxing is like the back garden of Shanghai. It is quietly waiting there. In the spring, driving through the mountains, the summer is playing between the mountains and rivers. In the warm autumn, the ginkgo is everywhere. The winter people are scattered. , leaving the tranquility of this landscape. Changxing is famous for its Qingshan Xiushui. When you come here, you will naturally go to the tea garden to smell the tea and taste a pot of tea. Along the mountain road, the tea garden is on the top of the mountain. Through the bamboo forest, drive through the reservoir, and then fall into this green ocean, the line of tea trees is like a green ribbon, stretched out densely, and then spread to the horizon. The car to the top of the mountain, now is the season of tea, you can feel the aroma of the tea garden. Holding a cup of warm tea, smelling a scent of tea, looking at the distant sky, leaving a faint fragrance on the corner of the mouth.
Ancient Ginkgo Corridor
Avoid the crowds of people, see the mountains and see the trees to see the scenery National Day to find out where to go? The whole family mobilized, brought parents, mother-in-law, the old small family to go out, must be less beautiful, within 2 hours of driving, you can not take the high-speed, avoid traffic jams and finally lock Changxing. Going to Changxing low-cost all-inclusive farmhouse, definitely not my dish. Brushed a circle of hotels, the National Day went out several times, and finally I locked a B&B through the app of, during the National Day 580, it was a conscience price. After all, in the scenic area, after all, the landscape room. The room is a touch of Japanese wood color and the warmth. Dinner can be ordered at the farmhouse, very convenient. B&B name is: Shanshui side, located on the main road of Changxing Shili Ginkgo Promenade, Ginkgo is not yellow, not to the best time, but also get some clean. In another month, it is estimated to be the best viewing period for the best ginkgo. A ginkgo landscape avenue can be driven far and wide, it is worthy of "Ten Miles" when booking the B&B on the app, paying special attention to the location and the surrounding environment. Outside the balcony of my room, it is such a secluded green hill. The bamboo forest is swaying. There are different ways of travel. Some people like to travel through countless scenic spots. In such a long and idyllic environment, I still hide in the mountains, a pot of tea, surrounded by green hills, shaking on a lounge chair and not willing to get up. . Autumn autumn rain, secluded green hills, there is a kind of empty mountain and rain. The father stood on the balcony and looked at the back. He felt that he was old and his hair was half white. The summer vacation and the Spring Festival are often not at home. Many things at home are helped by parents. For the rest of my life, I will accompany the elderly. When are the children strong enough to hold their parents in the palm of their hands, and when the children are like them?
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