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About Changzhou

Since ancient times, Changzhou has been a place that has produced illustrious people, and many of the most accomplished personages hail from here. It is one of the sites where the Wu culture originated. The ancient relics and structures of Changzhou are in abundance, and places like Tianning Temple, Dongpo Garden, and the historical ruins park of Weidun all manifest Changzhou's profound historical heritage. Nanshan's bamboo forests and the hot springs of Tianmu Lake are both some of Changzhou's precious natural resources. In the Summer you can come cool off and escape the summer heat, while in the winter you can comfortably soak in the hot water. In addition, Changzhou Theme Park, China Dinosaur Park, Yancheng Spring and Autumn Park, and Play Valley are all popular places for kids and parents alike to have fun.

Popular Attractions in Changzhou

Chinese Dinosaur Park
32,166 Reviews
Theme Park
China Dinosaurs Park is a dinosaur-themed integrated amusement park equipped with a variety of thrilling rides and entertaining performances. In the summer, there is a water animation park and a night park. You can try out the Fire Dragon Revelry to experience a high altitude pendulum ride, or board the “Jet Tower” and experience the exhilarating drop. There is also China's only 4D roller coaster that allows you to experience the thrill of speed and flying.
Yancheng Wild Animal World
11,612 Reviews
The Yancheng Wild Animal World is located in the central city of Wujin, Changzhou. It is close to the national key cultural relic protection unit “The ruins of Yancheng”. The Yancheng Wild Animal World is divided into a tour by self-drive/tram region and tour by foot region. In the tour by vehicle region, you have the chance to feed herbivore animals from your vehicle and be in close contact with them. The park contains more than 200 kinds of rare and endangered wild animals. There are also live animal performances and a circus performance that will bring ample entertainment to your kids. There are also amusement park rides available but they will have to be paid separately.
Universal Dinosaur City
240 Reviews
Theme Park
Amusement Park
Universal dinosaur town is located in Changzhou New District, Jiangsu province, modern tourism and leisure areas, is a collection of theme park, culture performance, hot spring leisure, recreational business and animation creative suitable for integration, on the basis of break traditional concept of scenic spots, the tourism and leisure function of spread to every corner, which is a blend of culture, different functions, such as living together to form a comprehensive and personality is distinct in the combination of large tourism and leisure community.
YanCheng ChunQiu Amusement Land
5,104 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
YanCheng ChunQiu Amusement Land is an amusement park with the Spring and Autumn Period as its theme, and is the central tourist area of the Yancheng Chunqiu scenic area. The park offers reconstructions of ancient palaces, sculptures of various philosophers, allowing visitors to learn more about the history of the Spring and Autumn Period while also experiencing modern amusements; visitors can enjoy the chime performances and water shows in the summer. There are many exciting activities in the park, whether it's lifelike robots, conversations with Confucius across the gap of time, or watching a 180-degree surround screen stereoscopic 4D dynamic movie.

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Trip Moments

Coco Wang   
Posted: 21 Nov 2018
During my week in Changzhou, I traveled all over the streets, eating all the corners, star-rated hotel farmhouses, all in one. Changzhou cuisine is a kind of Su cuisine, with fine colors, sweet and sweet, fresh and fragrant, light taste, but endless aftertaste. Okay, its a big blessing to take you with you right away. PS: Full-time mobile phone shooting. Don't like to spray, then don't lose weight. [Conventional] Of course, food must start from the regular route. Tea, sweet water, fresh fish head, is the third of the Tianmu Lake. "Three white and three black", Tianmu Lake had to eat delicious. Exquisite tableware is also an indispensable part of anaesthesia. [Tianmu Lake Casserole Fish Head] Come to Tianmu Lake, no one will miss this food. Three pounds of big fish head, big casserole with casserole, milky white milk soup, sprinkle a sprinkle of pepper powder, put on the coriander, the skin is delicious and good-looking, three or five friends sit around, the wind and the clouds are swept away. [Umi rice] This dish has a unique dessert and salty taste. In addition to the cute giant pandas, there are also various dumplings. Of course, the most recommended is Umi rice. Umi rice is taken from the herb juice and naturally absorbs her color, then steamed and tasteless. When you eat, you can order some sugar, very sweet. [Zhagan] Zhagan is the most traditional cuisine in Fuyang, and it is also one of the three treasures of Xiangyang (meatball, sauce, and liver)! The feeling of thick oil red sauce, but there is no trace of astringency in the mouth, it is very good. [] is also called Lianjiao mushroom and Yanlai bacteria. This is a kind of fungus that has not been artificially cultivated so far. It is completely wild, generally only in the late autumn, the geese fly south. It is only one of the top ten "Fuyang classic dishes". And he is very small, generally cooking with soy products tastes very good, delicious and delicious. [] Finally, came a hot fried vegetarian dish, it is very refreshing and delicious, and the taste is not bad. White celery, without the mouthwash of cress, and the crispness of parsley, but a hint of sweetness. [Tianmu Lake White Tea] I don't drink tea very much, because the activity relationship got a pack of Tianmu Lake white tea, bringing back Xiaojing to Dad, the aroma is very good.
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