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Things To Do in Chaozhou

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Geological Sites
阿布扎比-卡卡There are karst caves, outdoor waterfalls and strange stones in the underground river. The air is fresh and there are not many people. The tour content is still quite rich. There are glass paths with characteristics. You can slide down the mountain next to the slide. This is good. The whole trip is suitable for all the people, although the steps are not difficult, and you feel good! Transportation: Driving or taking local tours.
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M27***56Zilian Forest Resort has a large area and good air, which is a good place for relaxing walks. However, the entertainment facilities are relatively incomplete, but some are still under development. It should be better in a while.
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Hot Springs Resort
C7锐杰In Chaozhou, the environment is good, the high speed is coming quickly in Jieyang, the waiter and the security aunt are very enthusiastic, will pour you tea, the air is very fresh, interesting and fun, will come back next time, very happy hot spring,
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陈upupChaozhou Parent-Child Tour I Pig Farm! ! Call in to feed Xiaoxiang Pig 🐖 Giraffe 🦒 Know that there are too many people on weekends, but our schedule today is really absolute 👍 Starting from home at 10:30 in the morning 🚗 to eat lunch in the farm dish in Green Sun Ecological Resort 🍲 Recommended dish chicken 🐓 ! ! Recipe bar 🍝! ! Really absolute child ~ - After eating, just go inside 💰 Ticket 68 yuan a 🛣 Need to buy a feed 10 yuan a package recommended to go early! Few people! If the pigs are not fed early, the photo is very rewarding 😘☑️ Tell everyone: Mini-scented pigs really do not stink, because the place is spacious and basically has no taste. - We walked all the way up and saw a zoo here, there is a monkey 🐒🦅 White Tiger🐆 etc 🐾🐾🐾 When we came home at 3 o'clock (there are many tourists), so we missed the peak time and can take pictures, but it won't be too hot 🤩 Kaisen! Everyone can come with the sisters rua pig! Duck!
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mayson8How to say it, if you want to go there to play other things, you may not have so many things to play, but if you go to climb the mountain to breathe fresh air to see the scenery, it is still good. You can climb to the top of the mountain and have a private car to sit at the front entrance of the park. 10 yuan per person
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E31***99Visit Chaozhou Is a must to visit day and night in Guangji Bridge

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Fenghuangzhou Park (Northwest Gate)Chaozhou,China

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Kouchi NaosChaozhou,China

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Jiaoshuikeng Primitive ForestChaozhou,China

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Baita TempleChaozhou,China

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Kaiyuan TempleChaozhou,China

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Longhu Ancient VillageChaozhou,China

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About Chaozhou

Chaozhou is located at confluence of Guangdong and Fujian Provinces and is the origin site of Chaozhou Culture. Chaozhou is home to all kinds of outstanding local cultural features such as Chaozhao specialty cuisine, embroidery, theater, wooden carvings, residences and Kung-fu tea. Other than cultural features, Chaozhou also has plenty of scenic spots to visit such as the old city walls, ancient temples, memorial arches and old houses.

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