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Fangaoxingkong Gallery (chunxiluqijian)

Fangaoxingkong Gallery (chunxiluqijian)

4.9/5509 Reviews
Open from 03/21-12/31,10:00am-10:00pm (Local time)
"The best in the same kind of art gallery, I've been to. I don't usually call this place an art gallery, called Douban Art Youth Tea Party base more appropriate, because this place is more suitable for girls, or bring your girls, the reason is suitable for photography, so suggest wearing a better skirt, do not wrap like a dumpling. 1. Location: A cold corner in Chunxi Road; 2. Open time: It seems to be open at 8:9 pm; 3. Price: 49/person, a few yuan more than usual. 4. Look at: (1) Van Gogh's work. Van Gogh's imagination and unparalleled color expression make his work the best art re-creation of all painters, a light "starry sky" can be called "God's palette." The art gallery uses a three-dimensional model to show the exquisite, fully enclosed space, star glitter, and the time-space tunnel-like rolling wheels, where the world feels like the heavens and earth, the spiritual world approaching van gogh. It is said that he painted it in a drunken mountain near a small town in southern France, and that the vortex in the sky reflects the splitting of his mind, but that the vortex also darkly coincides with the laws of astrophysics, similar to the orbits observed now in the star system, giving his painting a new life. (2) Van Gogh's life. The neurotic old man at D'Conn Hospital has a miserable life and a glorious name behind him. He has countless art treasures to trade for money after his death, but he can't use them anymore. The art gallery contains his life brief, the focus to show the visitor his living environment in the south of France, his sunflower, the crow of wheat field, the house of sojourn, three-dimensional display, with color warm, more let people realize his bitter life of the inner yearning. Sunflower is one of the top ten most expensive paintings in the world, and Van Gogh has two of them chosen for the most expensive auction, which can be seen in the art gallery. (3) Fantastic visionary designs. Van Gogh's madness is also reflected in the design of other rooms, basically through mirror reflection to show, generally have infinite star sky and so on not to say more, let me slightly surprised is the national wind museum mirror labyrinth design, using the column and mirror cleverly match, It's a place where you can't tell the direction, where you can't reach the exit without touching. The whole four stars, salute the great van Gogh, the ravens in the wheat field can't take his hazy light, even if the stars in the night sky are shining, he's the brightest one, can go."
China Teddy Bear Museum

China Teddy Bear Museum

4.3/5964 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 20 reviews
Ranked #6 in Chengdu Must-Visit Museums
Open from 5/1-11/19,10:00am-5:00pm;Open from 11/20-4/30,10:00am-4:30pm (Local time)
"# Take Mengwa to the China Teddy Bear Museum on the Golden Horse River in Wenjiang, a sky-high parent-child museum filled with teddy bear dolls, the largest teddy bear museum in the world, surpassing the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju Island. ❤ Recommended reasons: As the world's largest teddy bear museum, there are more than a thousand teddy bear dolls on display here, and there are many valuable antique teddy bears. It is an absolutely good place for parents and children to take baby out of Chengdu. It is also a place where teddy bear enthusiasts must punch in. 🌟 Exhibition Pavilion Layout: The museum is divided into three floors, with an area of more than 10,000 square meters, divided into nine major theme pavilions and three interactive exhibition areas. The main body of each pavilion is presented with teddy bear dolls. In addition, there are supporting functional areas such as commodity areas, food halls and other areas. Among them 👍 personal most recommended three exhibition halls: [One] China Pavilion: Teddy bears wear Chinese traditional costumes, showing scenes including the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the River map of Qingming, the Western Travels, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses and other classic national style stories. Two World Pavilion: The seven wonders of the world are portrayed here by the bears, the Great Wall of China, the statue of Jesus Christ in Brazil, the pyramids in Egypt, and so on, the great architectural wonders of human civilization, where the teddy bear became the main character. Teddy Bear Museum is a joint-building of China Railway Bureau and JS&F Co. , Ltd. , Korea, Hanliu Pavilion is a natural important part. The teddy bears will perform again in the form of the movie and television. 📝[Liberty] Visit tips: Besides, the historical introduction to the development of the teddy bear culture at the entrance is worth watching carefully to understand how the teddy bear culture arose and spread its influence around the world. In particular, there are many antique teddy bears on display. They are valuable and scarce in the market. Many are out of print. You can enjoy the antique teddy bear dolls collected from all over the world. It is estimated that this is the only place. ⏳ play time: Monday to Friday 10:00am-17:00pm; Saturday to Sunday 10:00am-18:00pm. 📍 Detailed address: Jinma International Sports City, 555 Taiji Avenue (Knight Avenue), Wenjiang District, Chengdu 💰 Ticket price: 60 yuan 🗓 Itinerary: If you look at the exhibition carefully, you can spend half a day here to visit slowly. After the museum tour, you can also go to the Jinma River to walk and play, and there is enough for a day of sightseeing around Chengdu. # Search for Treasure Amusement Park # Loved Parents & Son # Photographs Super beautiful exhibition"