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Mangshan Forest Hot Spring Tourism Resort
Cangzhou | In the mountains of the "Fairyland", the infinite hot springs played in Luzhou for two days, staying at the Lushan Forest Hot Spring Hotel, one of the biggest reasons I chose this hotel is the hotel. An infinity hot spring pool in the spa area. There are various hot spring pools in the outdoor hot spring area. Different temperatures and different functions, guests can choose. In addition to some of the more common medicine pools, there are also fragrant geysers and wine pools, as well as milk pools that make girls very excited and Tonggu Hot Springs that are soaked in huge copper drums. The biggest highlight of is of course the infinity hot spring. Before I came to the hot springs, I heard the hotel staff say that this beautiful suffocating infinity hot spring needs to climb a long mountain road because it is halfway up the mountain. According to the signs, we first climbed the platform where the Tonggu Hot Springs were located, then continued to detour the hills behind and began to walk a mountain road, about ten minutes or so. Then, in the slight frolic, a hot spring pool that blends with the misty mountains is in front of you. There is no sun-sparkling reflection on the waters of the rainy days, opposite the dark green mountains. Reflected in the water. The water in the infinity hot spring is very hot. In such a rainy day, people feel comfortable and warm, soak in it, the heat of the water rises slowly from the bottom up, you will feel yourself being fairy Surrounded by gas, it is often unclear whether it is the heat of water or the scent of the mountains. We asked for a floating afternoon tea. The juice and fruit were placed in a small bamboo basket and the staff slowly pushed it to us. The color of the orange juice is undoubtedly in this dark green scene. The most eye-catching embellishment.
Punch Hunan Hunan Red Hotel, hidden in the mountains of the infinite hot springs! | Lushan Forest Hot Spring Hotel When I heard the sound of summer insects, I knew that it was another summer. In order to escape the heat, this time I came to the Lushan Mountain and stayed at the Lushan Forest Hot Spring Hotel. It is cool and quiet all year round. It is best for us to slow down and relax in the busy city. Soaked in the infinity pool, looking at the distant mist filled the mountains, as if this side of the world left me alone, this delightful loneliness is really fascinating. About hot springs: The spring water of the is 600 meters from the bottom of the mountain. It is a rare metasilicate hot spring, which is very suitable for human health and wellness. The unique "Noah's Ark" infinity cliff hot springs has become a well-known net red punch card. The whole hot spring area is biased towards the style of Yaojia Hot Spring bathing and has a unique and profound cultural connotation. hh/Linquan is the most tempting place of Lushan Forest Hot Spring. Breathe in the fresh air of the forest and enjoy the warmth of the hot spring water. Note: 1 Stay here to enjoy unlimited spa experience, every day can be soaked until 10pm 2 Mountain temperature is not high all year round, pay attention to keep warm 3Food Half of Hunan cuisine, half of Cantonese cuisine, basically can find what you like, it is really not used to have barbecue stalls at the door, the price is very close to the people. 4 Holidays need to be booked in advance!
Mangshan National Forest Park
There are famous mountains such as Hengshan and Lushan in Hunan. Lushan, located in Yizhang County in the south, is relatively unconcerned. It has a total area of 20,000 hectares and is connected to counties such as Yangshan and Ruyuan in Guangdong. The same mountain in Guangdong is called Nanling National Forest Park, and the other side of Hunan is called Lushan National Forest Park. The Lushan National Forest Park has more than 1,500 mountain peaks and more than 6,000 hectares of virgin forest. Lushan is named after the forest otter and the python. It is also the hometown of the rare snake . It is two meters in length and highly toxic. It likes to live in the mountains of 700 to 1100 meters above sea level. The rivers and rivers are horizontal and vertical, the waterfalls are densely covered, the trails are strolling, and the mountains and forests are full of fun. Because the mountains are continuous, the forest is deep, and the scenery is often smog. Although sometimes the main scenes are not visible, there is a sense of deep mystery between the two. The Guizizhai Scenic Area and the Monkey King Village Scenic Spot are more interesting. If you visit both scenic spots, it takes two days. If you take a scenic spot such as Linze Lake and Yazi Stone, it takes three days. The tour group usually only takes the essence, and the journey takes about one and a half days. Lushan Forest Park has sufficient oxygen content. If you visit the spring flowering season, you can also see the wild azaleas. Due to the large area, it is recommended to visit in the open areas, try to join the group or accompany you, and do not enter the undeveloped area in violation of regulations to prevent danger.
Gaoyiling Scenic Area
This year's Spring Festival self-driving tour begins today. We start from Shanxi, passing through Henan-Hubei-Hunan-Guangxi-Guangdong-Hainan. It is a journey from north to south very loooooooooong. The following is the dry goods in Hunan Yinzhou scenic spot. Dongjiang Scenic Area is a big fjord. Xiaodongjiang is just one of the photographing spots. When you come here, you can take the public bus in the scenic spot to the finish line (a total of five stations, Xiaodongjiang shooting point is the fourth stop). There is a waterfall with a high drop, and there is a floating bridge on the lake below. After playing here, you can switch to boarding the ship. During the driving process, you can pass through the middle of the mountain gorge. I feel that I can be more immersed in the water than standing on the shore. After about half an hour, I will reach the cave. The grotesque stalactites were all formed 325 million years ago. After the tour, I liked a small road from the entrance to the pier. The winding path is quiet, the left side is the mountain, the right side is the fjord, and there are many strange-shaped trees. Wearing a warm-colored dress can be contrasted with the photos here. So come here again, there will be no more foggy Dongjiang. Next, drive from Dongjiang for 30-40 minutes, and you will arrive at the second net red card punching place: Gaojialing, which is also a place where many people take pictures. I am also seeing such a magnificent Danxia landform for the first time. . . In particular, this is actually an unexplored place, so there is still room for improvement in terms of security protection. So everyone must pay attention to safety, don't take photos too far.
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