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Chiang Mai

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About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second largest city and is the economic center of Northern Thailand. It is very different from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. It is known as the “Northern Rose” for its fresh and quiet atmosphere. The home of the Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai is awash with a charming, classical atmosphere. There are many quaint, beautiful temples inside and outside the ancient city. The unique Northern Thai-style pagodas are majestic and stylish in design, home to modest and friendly monks who are happy to speak with visitors. There are many shops full of unique surprises along the criss-crossed streets, along with all kinds of restaurants, coffee shops and massage parlors. The lively night markets are a fascinating attraction that are a favorite among visitors.

Popular Attractions in Chiang Mai

Wat Chedi Luang
1,299 Reviews
The Wat Chedi Luang, also known as Chedi Dragon Temple, is a particularly famous temple in the city of Chiang Mai. It is located in the heart of the ancient city of Chiang Mai. This square shaped Lanna style sacred stupa was built in 1411 and is nearly 80 meters high. A major earthquake once happened in Chiang Mai, and the spire of the stupa collapsed overnight. After the rebuilding of the stupa, the apex could not be completed because no one knew its original appearance. The stupa has four sides, only one side has steps, and the other three sides have been restored into slopes. The stupa is engraved with exquisite guardian spirit snakes on all sides, and there are six elephant sculptures on the tower. The building is magnificent. But the atmosphere is very natural and leisurely.
Tha Phae Gate
2,112 Reviews
Historical Site
Part of the eastern wall, Tha Phae Gate is a highly intact city gate. Originally, the ancient city of Chiang Mai was surrounded by a wall about 2 meters high enclosed in red brick walls. Later, most of the buildings disappeared over the years. The surviving Tha Phae Gate became a very well-known attraction in Chiang Mai and a landmark. The red wall and blue sky are beautiful in the morning or at dusk when few people are around. Photographers from all over the world have come here to capture the beautiful scene of the city gate from different angles. On Sunday, the market stalls start here. When the market is closed, tourists and locals feed the pigeons in the square in front of the Tha Phae Gate. The environment is very comforting.
Warorot Market
405 Reviews
Warorot Market is located on the northeastern corner of Chiang Mai Old City near the Mae Ping River. This market primarily sells fruit, dried goods, cooked food, miscellaneous daily goods and fresh flowers at quite a reasonable price. Many Chiang Mai local specialties can be bought here. Visitors can buy fresh fruit or deep fried pig skin at this authentic market. Nearby is also a flower market. You can buy a garland of flowers to wear around your neck to experience an exquisitely fragrant stroll along the streets.
Wat Phra Singh
926 Reviews
The Phra Singh Temple, the Ssangyong Temple and the Great Buddhist Pagoda Temple are called the “Three Great Temples of Chiang Mai” and are located at the western end of the ancient city of Chiang Mai. The temple was built in 1345 by King Phayu to commemorate his father. It was later expanded several times and is known for its awe-inpisiring Buddha statue. The decorations in the temple are splendid, with many exquisite wood carvings and murals narrating Buddhist stories. They are detailed, exquisite and lifelike and worthy of careful viewing. Phra Singh Temple are full of lush trees and rich with incense. There are many tourists here. If you visit here in the morning and evening during scripture time, you will see the monks chanting the Buddhist scriptures. They look very devout.

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Trip Moments

It is said that the afternoon tea in Chiang Mai is very famous, and the afternoon tea of the four hotels is also crowded by many tourists. But the exquisite afternoon tea is not unique to the hotel. There are some roadside tea rooms, which are very worthwhile to experience. Raming Tea House Siam Celadon, just on the Thape Road that Tha Pae went to Ping River. The door is small and easy to miss, but when you walk into the door, you will suddenly see it. The outside is a Thai-style ceramic display. After a wide atrium, you will find a lovely garden tea house hidden in the backyard. It is a surprise.  This is a very old white two-story building converted from a tea house. It was built in 1915 by the official residence of Thailand. It has undergone a change in shops, clinics and restaurants. In 2003, it was refurbished in the form of antique renovation. In 2004, I received the Art Protection Award from the Thai Princess, the Siam Building Association Award, etc. Is it very appetizing?   Raming Tea House is designed in Siamese style, all white teak, and the tableware is celadon and pottery. Every corner of the courtyard can see the owner's pride and confidence in his own porcelain and products. For example, the large teapot on the courtyard floor is made of broken porcelain pieces. The shiny molecules on the tiles are also decorated with colored tiles. The outside is a display counter selling its own tableware and tea sets, a variety of celadon tea set tableware cups, simple and not try style. Each series has a different style, a touch of green glaze, tiny cracks, reddish edges, so that the thick porcelain creates a fragile and light beauty.   The surrounding area of Chiang Mai is suitable for growing a variety of organic teas. Raming uses tea and coffee grown on his own farm to make drinks from the store. Entering Thailand, the feeling of coming along is the smile of the Thai people. In the country where Buddhism is believed, the people's life is simple and rich, and the peace of mind makes the foreign tourists feel deeply. A friendly waiter, a big smile can melt people in an instant. Sit in the garden, enjoy a cup of sweet coffee, and watch the sun pass through your fingers between the greenery. Chiang Mai, indeed, is a place where I can't recall my smile. The story of the warm Taibei town is full and pleasant in your memories.    Raming Tea House Siam Celadon Address: 158 ThaPae Rd. ChangMoi. Muang. Chiang Mai Business hours are short, 9
Posted: 23 Jan 2016


Songkran: Thailand’s Wet and Wild Festival
Chiang Mai
For most people, New Years evokes memories of large celebrations. Perhaps it’s watching the ball drop in New York’s Times Square, perhaps it’s the fireworks from Sydney Harbour Bridge. In Thailand and other places throughout Southeast Asia, New Years is an excuse to have a massive water fight. Thailand’s traditional New Years festival, known as Songkran, is observed every year from April 13-15. To understand Songkran is to gain an appreciation of Thailand and Thai culture. In this travelogue, we explore the traditions around Songkran and delve into some recommendations for great places to participate in the festivities. Make sure you’ve got a change of clothes, because we’re going to get wet.
Opps-Snow   13 May 2019
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