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The cockroaches are also due to geological movements. The seashore is a cliff. The city is built on a very steep hillside. You can see that it is all a building, and it is densely distributed. The process of going to the beach is basically from the top of the mountain, and when you turn left and right, you can actually see the two connected cities. is known as the sea vineyard, only 6 km from Valparaso. The two cities are quite similar, with beautiful bays and terraced buildings. Sitting on the beach, you can see the wild seals lying on the rocks on the sun. There is also a trapezoidal open-air music plaza that can accommodate 20,000 people, and an international music festival is held every December. You can see large reefs and many seabirds sitting on them. If you look closely, you will find sea lions in between. The waves in this area are very large. The waves that splashed on the reef can splash five or six meters. The rubbery and strong seaweed grows on the rocks. A sinister reef beach reveals the tenacity of life. Just above the cliffs, you'll find many beautiful restaurants that hang over the rocks and have superb views.
Posted: 13 Dec 2018
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San Cristobal Hill is located in the Metropolitan Park in the northeast of Santiago, Chile. It is the highest point of the city of Santiago, the end of a small branch of the Andes. The colonial period was named "San Cristobal" - the protector of the traveler, which means that the mountain can guide those who travel to San Diego to reach their destination. Because there is a giant white Madonna on the top of the mountain, it is called the Madonna. Although it is less than 900 meters above sea level, it is a good place to overlook the whole city of Santiago. It is also the most attractive park in the Chilean capital, so it is also referred to as the Capital Garden. Standing on the top of the mountain, leaning against the Madonna overlooking this ancient city with more than 400 years of history, the scenery of the whole city is so easy to see. Due to the fine weather, the area that can be seen in the field of vision is far away. In the distance, there are some snow-covered Andes mountains looming, the clouds are like a fairyland , but the polarization of the difference between the rich and the poor in San Diego can also be seen here. Chu. On the east side of the Mount Virgin, bustling downtown and high-rise buildings, the only high-rise buildings in the city are concentrated in that small area. On the north side of the Madonna is a slum, there is no high-rise building, no building, only a small piece of broken and smashed gray cottage. Under the same city in the same sky, there is a completely different life. The gap in life is so great that people cant help but be embarrassed.
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