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China is a global powerhouse. With an ancient civilization and strong cultural traditions, it has emerged from years of isolation and now occupies a central role in international affairs. China is blessed with rich natural resources including pristine mountains and lakes, vast deserts and grasslands, and a picturesque coastline. Chinese cuisine is known the world over and its great landmarks are instantly recognizable. The Forbidden City and Great Wall in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, Hangzhou’s West Lake, or the Shanghai skyline. These symbols of China’s ancient roots and modern prowess make it a truly fantastic travel destination.
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Kumbum Monastery
12,346 Reviews
Historical Architecture
MaxSVery big monastery, mostly reminded a small village. There are many halls, buildings, monuments and monastery even has a main street. Photos are prohibited inside of buildings in front of altars. Actually, this monastery is well known by its other name, Ta'er 塔尔寺。This is the place which playing the important role in whole Tibetan region religious life. You can see many pilgrims there came from different places.
9,305 Reviews
National Park
_We***91its a place that can satisfy people who love to enjoy both sightseeing and activities. there are plenty activities you can enjoy such as bungge jump, flying fox, speedboat, rafting, walking in 3D glass bridge, off road in the dessert, riding camel or you can just sit and enjoy the yellow river from up the dessert. you can buy only for the gate ticket its cost 80yuan then buy other ticket for activities in place so you can choose which activities you want to enjoy. each activities has different price. i recommend you to enjoy the yellow river in sha po tou then enjoy the dessert in tenggeli
Lanzhou Ocean World
824 Reviews
_We***60It’s the first time I went with a friend, I feel very good, and there is free photo printing, it is worth recommending, my Lanzhou is perfect, lovely sea lions, beautiful mermaids, very impressive
Maiji Mountain Hot Spring Hotel
414 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
135***35The combined ticket for Maijishan Hot Spring and Grottoes, 🆚 is more cost-effective. It can be used separately in 30 days. Come over on New Year's Day holiday, there are not too many people, the scenery is good. Good value for money, the scenery is good,
Maijishan Grottoes
1,285 Reviews
Historical Site
_We***27Great attraction accessible by public bus from Tianshui. takes a couple hours to view all grottos, well worth a half day in Tianshui.
Kongdong Mountain
1,179 Reviews
悍生无解Kongtong Mountain is located 12 kilometers west of Pingliang City, about 330 kilometers away from Xi'an and Lanzhou, and the transportation is extremely convenient. The peaks and ridges of Kongtong Mountain point to the sky, steep cliffs and axe cleave, it is more dangerous than Huashan; Lin Bo Sentao, the smoke is vast, and Miao is like a fairyland; The reputation of "West Town Wonders". With its majestic and dangerous show, it was awarded as a national 5A scenic spot and a national geological park. Kongtong Mountain has a profound cultural history, including the legend of Guangchengzi who cultivated Taoism and became immortal, the record of Xuanyuan Huangdi asking the Tao, and the scenery of Emperor Qin and Han Wu and Tang Zong. It is a Taoist resort and is revered as the "first Taoist mountain in the world".

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Xi Zhen Electric Barbecue
Xi Zhen Electric BarbecueQingdao,China

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Xuan Hua Hong Kong Style Teahouse
Xuan Hua Hong Kong Style TeahouseShanghai,China

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Feng Yu Sheng Jian ( Mei Li Dou )
Feng Yu Sheng Jian ( Mei Li Dou )Shanghai,China

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Xi Hu Ren Jia
Xi Hu Ren JiaHangzhou,China

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Pang Jin Mei Yak Meat( Si Fang Street )
Pang Jin Mei Yak Meat( Si Fang Street )Lijiang,China

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Dong Dong Bao ( Tai Bai )
Dong Dong Bao ( Tai Bai )Xi'an,China

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It’s hard to imagine just how massive and expansive China is as a country. In total, it’s nearly 3.7 million square miles — about the size of all of the United States if you included Alaska and Hawaii — and is home to over 1.38 billion people. With all that land mass and all those people, it’s no wonder China has been an engineering powerhouse for centuries.When you first think of China, images o
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Engineering Marvels in China: From the Great Wall to the World’s Fastest Train
If you live in America or any other country outside of Asia, then you’re probably used to a particular kind of New Year celebration. For you, each new year begins on the 1st of January and is often hailed with fireworks, the dropping of a giant ball in New York City, and cheers. For many people from the West, this is the end of the New Year’s celebration, and you probably won’t think much about th
Everything You Need to Know About the Chinese New Year
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Everything You Need to Know About the Chinese New Year

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