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Ningbo LibraryNearby City

Ningbo Library

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Open on Tue-Sun,9:00am-9:00pm;Open on Mon,1:00pm-9:00pm (Local time)
"When it comes to Ningbo, or the tourist impressions associated with it, most of your friends may think of Tianyi Pavilion, the Bund, Ningbo Museum, Dongqian Lake, Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park, Yuehu, etc. Yes, these places are both popular and well-known tourist attractions in Ningbo, and a unique and beautiful scenery that Ningbo city displays. However, for the beauty of Ningbo, far more than just mentioned. Why? The reason is that in Ningbo, besides the popular and famous tourist attractions mentioned, it is also a place to go to Ningbo to take pictures and punch cards. In fact, in Ningbo, there are many large and small tourist attractions scattered and distributed. Among them, there is a place that is not only free fun, suitable for photo punching, but also hidden in the downtown area, and it is also known as the lakeside spiritual home. This place, its name is Ningbo Library New Library. The new Ningbo Library is located in Ningchuan Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. And, especially, the modern, impressive, or refreshing building you're seeing now, which is designed by the Danish SHL. It is the first library project completed in Denmark's SHL building office. The new Ningbo Library covers an area of 31,800 square meters. The first floor of the new library is built around an open cultural market of 8,000 square meters. It has the most popular library function area and collections, including the main foyer, reader service area, children's library, 24-hour self-service library, The blind reading room, two lecture halls, a spacious library reading room and a cafe. The ground floor is open on all sides and is connected to the external public square, landscape eco-park and lake. And it changes the design concept of our Chinese library, so that Ningbo library not only the modeling aspect and other domestic independently designed libraries we have all been to have a significant difference. It is also more convenient than the domestic independent design library. Maybe the former library is like a maze, so you can see the Ningbo library new library has a rational, clear space layout."