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Fasanenschlosschen MoritzburgNearby City

Fasanenschlosschen Moritzburg

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"A wander through the charming Fasanenschlosschen Moritzburg, a fairytale-tale, and a visit to the beautiful Moritzburg, always feeling unfinished, along the mall to the charming Fasanenschlosschen Moritzburg (little puppet palace), I really like its architecture, always feel a kindness, this fairytale world brought me so much surprise. The attraction of Fasanenschlosschen Moritzburg (the Little Guo Palace) is its bronze roof, its hooded exterior is very similar to the Chinese architecture, it is a tribute to the Chinese style, the pride in the heart is born, the warmth. The decoration of the wall is unique, only see the above embroidery with feathers, pearls and wheat bran, quite exquisite. The most commendable is the embroidery decoration, obviously with Chinese style, embroidery is vivid, wonderful. The Zhengongbao of Xiaoyu Palace is a group of people with a strong Chinese style. It tells a vivid and interesting story. It is supposed to be the story of the Qing Dynasty to see the clothes and manners in the story, but the main characters have a slanted head. The specific wind direction can be judged. The vivid character depicts the spirit, very clever and connotation, did not expect to have so many Chinese elements here, really rare. [Finally, highlight ~] The small pupa palace is a good place to walk. You can take a leisurely tour for 30 minutes and then go for a walk in the nearby forest trail. It will be very enjoyable. You may also see swans when you walk."