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Hamilton ZooNearby City

Hamilton Zoo

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""Sparrows are small and well equipped" Hamilton Zoo brings a surprise zoo when we were visiting in New Zealand, a friend who lives in Hamilton took us to the Hamilton Zoo for the weekend, and we have seen various zoos in China. The zoo did not expect much, but when we got here, we found that this zoo still has many surprises. The first big surprise is that although the zoo is not big, the environment is very good. Although it is a zoo, the plants here are also well-bred. We walked all the way as if we were in a garden. Many animals can be seen where they live. Simulate the wild environment as much as possible, especially the bird area, without the feeling of being restrained by the cage. Another surprise is that we saw many rare animals here, especially reptiles, such as lizards. There are also amphibians. For example, here we saw a frog whose name is difficult to pronounce: "Hochstetter's Frog". Opening hours and tickets The zoo is open from 9 am to 4:30 pm (after 3:30 pm, visitors are no longer allowed to enter the park), the Christmas will be closed for one day, and it is open at other times. Let’s see In many cases, families come here with lively children to celebrate the weekend. Tickets for Hamilton Zoo are also very interesting. There are many different types. Adult tickets are about $26 and children's tickets are about $12. In addition, there are family tickets, group tickets, annual tickets, and so on. If it is the first time here, you really need to calculate carefully."