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Blue SpringsNearby City

Blue Springs

4.8/531 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Blue Spring│Pure and beautiful New Zealand’s "Little Jiuzhai" Blue Spring Blue Spring, a small place and not a small name, is the largest source of pure water in New Zealand. The water quality of more than 70% of the canned water in New Zealand is super clean, and the water temperature is maintained all year round 11 ℃ The scenic spot is quiet and pure. It is called the "Little Jiuzhai" scenic trail in New Zealand for about 5 kilometers. It is the best place for hiking, oxygen inhalation, and lung washing. Personal evaluation: Although it is a "Little Jiuzhai", it is of course incomparable to the authentic Jiuzhaigou Ha. But it is small and exquisite. The clear and blue spring water really makes people intoxicated and without noise. It is very quiet (the genuine Jiuzhaigou is always crowded with people). It is very suitable for picking a sunny morning, come here to appreciate the scenery, exercise and physical activity. Detailed address: Leslie Rd, South Waikato 3483 Traffic guide: It is recommended to drive by yourself. It’s a 2-hour drive from downtown Auckland. It’s more cost-effective to check in with other attractions, such as Hobbit Village. Opening hours: All-day tickets: trouble. Estimated duration: 2 hours. Practical tips1⃣️There is no trash can on the trail, so yes If you want to keep the garbage, go back to the entrance and there is a trash can to throw away, so be sure to bring a larger bag to temporarily store empty water bottles and other garbage. I really despise the behavior of littering. ❗2⃣️The whole trail takes almost two hours. You can walk through the inside, there are some steep places and stairs, it is better to wear flat and comfortable shoes. 3⃣️If you just want to check in here quickly, if you have a low budget or lack of physical strength, you can enter from the south entrance and turn back to the Blue Spring LOOK OUT platform. The most beautiful scenery will not be missed. 4⃣️ Sunglasses are essential for sun protection. Take a bottle of water on the way to do a good job of water supply, there are no shops along the way."
Polynesian SpaNearby City

Polynesian Spa

4.5/5107 Reviews
"Hot Springs Resort"
"Ornamental Hot spring"
Open on Wed-Sun,10:00am-9:00pm;Closed on Mon-Tue (Local time)
"I’ve been to a great hot spring twice. The first time was the luxurious pool that caught the light rain in the morning. Although it was raining, the view was still great on the lake because of the raindrops, and the mist was occasional with wild ducks and seagulls on the lake. Spread their wings and tidy their feathers as if they are also enjoying this moment of leisure in the hot spring. The temperature of the hot spring is moderate. Don't worry about soaking for too long and fainting. There are not many luxurious pools but the scenery is beautiful. There are few people very peaceful and comfortable. The second time is at night. The ordinary lake view pool I chose is a bit disappointed. The clothes need to be placed in the frame instead of in the cabinet. Although there are cabinets, the door can only be opened and closed once.☹️ There are a lot of people and the inner wall of the pool is a bit rough. It is uncomfortable to sit for a long time and occasionally move. When the people are too messy, many people wear slippers to go to the pool and still think it is OK. The water is very dirty. There is always a tingling feeling on the body. Although the second experience is not good, the quality of the hot spring is still good. It’s very sweet and it’s recommended to have a slippery skin. The luxury pool is more expensive but the experience is excellent (the photos are all of the luxury pool)"
Redwoods, Whakarewarewa ForestNearby City

Redwoods, Whakarewarewa Forest

4.5/5118 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 5124 reviews
"Ancient Trees"
"Rotorua Redwood Forest Park, located on the south side of Lake Rotorua, covers an area of 55,000 square meters. It was opened to tourists in 1995. Towering ancient trees, shavings and leaves, unique landscapes, and fresh air in the park are must-see spots for visiting Rotorua. I visited the park and left the most impressive 3 attractions. 1. "Seven Fairies" mother and child tree. A giant tree that is uprooted and lying on the ground, on its trunk, grows tenaciously with seven big trees of different thicknesses and straight upwards. They are slim and close together, like seven descending fairies. The most tourists in the park must be the "seven fairies". 2. A giant tree with a diameter of 2.2 meters. Old trees in the park have a diameter at breast height of more than 40 cm. The thickest giant tree with a diameter at breast height of 2.2 meters and a bust of nearly 7 meters requires 4 to 5 big men to hold it together. 3. The canopy trail. Not far from the entrance of the park, a 553-meter long "canopy trail" is suspended in the air. The trail is made up of 22 viewing platforms built between 22 big trees and 23 suspension bridges with a height of 6-12 meters. It is a different kind of enjoyment to stroll on it and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the forest from a different perspective. Tips: Old trees in the park are more than 50 meters high. You must use the "panoramic vertical shooting" mode of photography to take a complete photo of people and trees."