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Kaunolu Village

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"Low-key ruins of primitive fishing villages. Ancient ruins with a sense of history always attract my attention more than modern buildings. Kaunolu village is one of the must-visit historical sites in Hawaii. Of course I can't miss it when I come here! Theme features Kaunolu village is located in the southernmost part of Lanai. It was originally a prosperous fishing village with beautiful scenery and beautiful environment. Even King Kamehameha in the 18th century liked to come here to fish. However, with the changes of history, this small fishing village has gradually declined, and the prosperous Kaunolu village has now become a precious building site. There are still many residents on the island engaged in fisheries, and when we came we saw fishermen driving out to sea to fish. The quiet and low-key Kaunolu village, without the hustle and bustle of a big city, makes me feel very comfortable! Introduction of Attractions We are in a place called Shark's Fin Bay to enjoy the beach style, blue sky, white clouds, good weather meets good scenery, the whole person is also very happy! Climb the high rocks and cliffs by the sea, and look at the entire bay from a distance, being amazed by its magnificent scenery. On the other side of the bay are the Halulu Temple and the Kahekili diving platform. After the tour, I learned more about the history of the small village of Kaunolu. Traffic and sun protection traffic: There are fewer tourists here, and some are isolated from the world. Therefore, it is more suitable for self-driving travel. You should bring a map when you travel to prevent mistakes. If you don’t know how to go, you can ask local residents and they will be eager to help. Sun protection: Kaunolu village is a small island village with strong sunlight. I have been playing here for a day, but I get tanned. When you come to Kaunolu village, please pay attention to sun protection!"