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Kaunas Botanical GardenNearby City

Kaunas Botanical Garden

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Open on Mon-Fri,9:00am-5:00pm;Open on Sat-Sun,10:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Non-mainstream Lithuanian check-in to see plants-Kaunas Botanical Garden#信息# Address: Ž. E. Žilibero g. 6, Kaunas 46324 Tel: +370 37 390033 Transportation: Take a taxi from the city center, about five euros. Website: botanical garden or park?傻傻分不清# This is really not a tourist attraction, it is very quiet. It was recommended by our grandmother who had a breakfast table. The adjective is peacefu&lovelyl. As soon as I saw it, there was no strategy on the search Internet, so I decided to write it down for your reference. This is a pretty clean botanical garden or park. Although it is called a garden, there is also a botanical pavilion inside~ but the whole botanical pavilion is not big. In addition, there are some small bridges, gardens and streams. I think it is not called garden. It’s wrong~#放空立THITYnia’s one hour# I have to say that Lithuania is a country that makes people feel very comfortable, and the entire park fully demonstrates this comfort. The ducklings in the park are relaxing paddling and unknown water birds. Gently across the water, let the whole person relax. There are also some greenhouses to cultivate plants. It is said that the roses here are famous locally. When we came, we also happened to meet university students who came to see roses. We secretly listened to the discussion by university students of botany. I really don’t know it~ In short, if you want to spend an hour of quiet and leisure time in Lithuania, this is the best choice."
Curonian SpitNearby City

Curonian Spit

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"National Park"
"UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    "
"#波罗的海三国自驾旅行# Go to the Curonian Spit National Park in Klaipeda as planned. After driving for about 30 minutes, I arrived at the car ferry port. After purchasing a 12.5 euro ticket, I boarded the ferry. After 6 minutes, I arrived at the Curonian Spit, a long bank that separates the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon. 98 kilometers, the widest section is 4 kilometers, and the narrowest section is only 400 meters! The 52 kilometers to the north of the island belong to Lithuania, and the rest to the south belongs to Kaliningrad, Russia. Let me talk about the weather in Lithuania in the past few days. The forecast is cloudy ☁️, the icon is raining. Today, I finally witnessed it. The weather will be covered by dark clouds for a while, it will rain heavily, and the white clouds will float for a while, and the sun is shining. When the sun appeared, we competed with the dark clouds for time, and the effect of taking a blockbuster quickly [smile] Our play started in the north of Coors, and the north was the Ocean Park. We didn't have time to enter the museum, so we only took pictures around the scenery. After the end we began to travel south. On the way, on a whim, we decided to follow the route of the bus, thinking that the tourist attractions of the crooked nuts must be beautiful [smile] The car drove for more than 40 minutes, and they drove along the path to the top of the hillside. This corona was built in 1995. This is the only place where you can see the sun rising from the lagoon and setting from the Baltic Sea on the sand dunes of Paradise. It is 13.8 meters high and weighs 36 tons. Sure enough, the place where Crooked Nuts travels is very unique. From the top of the slope, you can see the small town of Nida in the distance. These two attractions are new plans added during the tour, not to mention changes. Nida Town is a very beautiful place. The small town is the peak of summer tourism. Nordic people often come here for vacation. We are here this season, which happens to be the off-season. The whole town is not popular. The shops close early, but when the sun is shining, the town appears extraordinarily bright and colorful. The wooden houses, the brilliance of each other, are all big shots [呲牙]The Curonian Spit National Park and the old town of Skuodas that were originally planned to travel are clocked in on the way back [呲牙]Tomorrow will be marching towards Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania"