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Top Things to do In Shijiazhuang 2021



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Historic Sites
Stone Village

Stone Village

4.2/560 Reviews
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8:00-18:00 (Local time)
"Stone Village is not far from Jingxing County. There are signs along the way from Shijiazhuang to Jingxing. From site selection to village architecture, everything is carefully planned. This small village located in the depths of the Taihang Mountains is low in the south and high in the north, in a small basin that is less than one square kilometer in the east and warped in the west. Its shape is slender, like a swimming fish with heads and tails. Stone pavilions, stone houses, stone courtyards, stone tables and benches, stone mills, stone bridges and stone fences can be seen everywhere. The stone village was originally called "Yujia Village", because of the many stones it is customary to call it. There are more than 300 courtyards in the village, all of which have their own charm. At the beginning, except for certain rules for the setting of the gate, the rest of the households could build according to their own preferences. Without constraints, a group of stone buildings of varying heights and widths were created. The six streets, seven lanes, and eighteen alleys of the whole village are criss-crossed, knotted and stretched. Each street is paved with random rocks. On both sides of the stone street are stone courtyards, ancient gate towers and black painted gates. Households are connected, the sound of chickens and dogs hear each other, the neighbors come and go day and night, live alive, a farmhouse scene, dotted with the deep house compound, high embroidered buildings, ancient temples and ancient pavilions, the entire village street is built by houses, and houses are aligned with the streets. , Respond to expectations and plan orderly. This is the most quaint village I have ever seen. The houses are all built of stone, and they are tightly integrated and solid. The shapes of the stones are strange and strange. The ancients used wisdom without changing their nature and polishing their original appearance to build a patchwork and unique house, and then stand for hundreds of years still vigorous and vigorous. In your eyes, under your feet, and all over you are stones. The cold, ordinary, and mundane life experience and temperament, but can withstand the consideration of time, come across with the heavy classical atmosphere of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The light in December is slightly clear, but the warmth of winter is still picked up from light years away and sprinkled on this pristine village. You see, the stone pavilion at the entrance of the village is half awake and asleep, happy sparrows rushing up and down, can't wait to wake up the ancestral hall that has been sleeping all night. On the ancient stage by the side, there have long been visitors lingering here, singing, reading, doing, and beating, one by one, one move and one style, and it is beautiful and vivid, as if to have a glimpse of the past music and the crowd. The ancients were very particular about conforming to the time of the sky, offering sacrifices to the sky, the earth, the gods, and the sun, moon and stars. The stone pavilion at the entrance of the village, or the ancestral hall in the village, are full of ancient people's awe of nature, full of ancient people's wisdom and thoughts of heaven and earth, earth and nature, and Taoism and nature. In winter, the world is sparsely sparse, and the colors are thousands of miles. Farming is closed, everything is collected. And here, the prosperity is gone, everything is silent, and the world is clear. Only the fragrant peppers in the kitchen, the rows of tough radish sticks on the roof, the flaming dried chilies skewered on the walls, and the dried persimmons in the yard, cooking the real smoke and fire. Looking up, the blue sky is high, with white, yingying, smashed clouds, like tofu brains in a big blue bowl. There are jubilant sparrows on the treetops, and the chirping calls are very obsessed with this gentle but not aggressive stone village. The stone is laughing, you are making trouble, and the warmth is like a heat wave in the tube, coming in layers. I love this little beauty in the mountains, just like the cinnabar mole in my heart." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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