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Top Things to do In Shijiazhuang 2021



364 things to do found in Shijiazhuang
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4.3/5860 Reviews
Open from 8:30am-5:30pm (Local time)
"The old name of Baodu Village was Mount Ying, not a village, but the name of a famous mountain. It is located in Luquan District of Shijiazhuang, only 16 kilometers east of Shijiazhuang. It is a tourist attraction that combines natural and cultural landscapes. Baodu Village is a famous mountain and ancient village that integrates history, culture and natural scenery. It is 580 meters above sea level, surrounded by cliffs, and the top is flat and wide. There are 660 acres of fertile farmland and the soil depth is 66 meters. It used to be the ancient battlefield of Han Xin, the Han Huaiyin Marquis, and the blessed place where the famous Taoist Zhang Sanfeng set foot in Chengdao. It has a strange and unique scenery and pleasant scenery. "Peach Blossom Spring" is a strange village in the world. Baoduzhai Mountain is majestic, with only one small intestine path on the north and south slopes. Ascending to the top of the mountain, it suddenly became clear that the country's largest mountaintop gate - Nantianmen, the country's first mountaintop underground stone carving 500 Arhat Hall, the country's largest gold-lacquered mural decorated Hanxin Temple and the Great Wall Wall, etc. The newly opened "Xiyuan-Lianhuashan-Baoduzhai" passenger ropeway is more than 1,800 meters in length. It is the only domestic transit station with no intermediate towers and a fully enclosed shuttle passenger ropeway. The highest suspension is 271 meters and becomes Baodu. A large landscape in the village. Baodu Village was called Mount Qi in ancient times. It was the place where the soldiers "held a banner and looked at the Zhao army from Jiandao Mountain" in the battle of Han Xin against Zhao. It is said that during the Ge Rong Uprising of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the local people carried the calf up to the mountain in order to avoid the war, so the name of the calf was born. The mountains are surrounded by cliffs, the mountain roads are very dangerous, and there are more than 600 acres of arable land on the top of the mountain, so there is a saying among the folks that "hold the calf (calf) up the mountain and raise the large farmland". In fact, there is a record of "Bao Du Shan" in the "Jade Chamber" written during the Jin Dynasty and the Northern Wei Dynasty. "Bao Du" and "Zhai" were connected. At the end of the Jin Dynasty and the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, Jin Jiang Wuxian stationed troops on the top of the mountain and built a village to fight against the Mongolian army. This way the mountain has the name of "Zhai"."
Wuyue Village

Wuyue Village

4.6/5261 Reviews
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"This is the first time I went to Wuyuezhai scenic spot by car. I have been to Baodu Village and Fenglong Mountain in Shijiazhuang before, and they were all pretty good. After getting off the highway, it will take an hour to drive the mountain road to the parking lot of Wuyuezhai Scenic Area. Start climbing, reach the ropeway in 15 minutes and do the ropeway ascending, in order to save some energy, it is better to climb the camel beam. The mountain is very steep and steep. It passes through the birch forest plank road. The scenery is very beautiful. There is still some snow in the mountain after May Day. Walk past the mandarin duck stone and arrive at Zhai Qing. Take a short break and head straight to the main peak (Xiao Taishan) to see the mountains! Then return to Zhaiqing and start heading towards the Genting Grassland! There was no one on the road after walking for half an hour, and I was a little scared. Because I was going through the primitive jungle, I stopped and waited until I saw a man, a woman, and a dog coming over. Hahaha, I went with them. After an hour and a half, I arrived at the long sky wooden plank road and saw meadows on both sides. At the end of the plank road to the Yunding Grassland, 2,100 meters above sea level. Then I went down to the ancient emperor road towards Qinvfeng. The first half of the road was full of gravel steps, and the second half was better, but there was no one on the way. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, I went down the mountain in panic and reached Qinvfeng. Follow the newly built asphalt road to the parking lot. All in all, this day is worthwhile, but unfortunately, I didn't go to the waterfall area. The next day I wanted to go out to climb the mountain, aiming at Cangyan Mountain, but my wife refused to go." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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