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"Outdoor skiing"
"Located near the Austrian border in Southern Bohemia, the town of Lipno is a good place for vacation and leisure next to the famous attraction Kurenlov esky Krumlov , the most famous is the Lipno ski resort (Lipno Ski Resort). The majority of restaurants, hotels and cafes are closed to rent a car to Lipno during the Spring Festival. Many Chinese would like to open their cars for a year and do business for half a year. They would take their money for a holiday for six months. But they can't live as splendidly. It was a sparsely populated place, and the sound of the stillness of the snow melt seemed to be heard, after three days and two nights of walking and I had not seen ten people. As soon as my car was parked, the owner of the Cottage Country B&B came to help me with my luggage. He was a gracious, white-haired man in his 70s, and a chocolate-colored white-walled house suddenly came into my eyes. The dark red parrot looks especially warm in the snow. The boss's wife greets me warmly every day. In the morning, she will send a full breakfast to the room at the appointed time. One sentence: "Good morning...enjoy...have a nice day", let me feel beautiful all day. How can I finish this big breakfast alone? The broad balcony is opposite Austria, the sun, blue sky, snow, the wooden house, watching these beautiful scenery to eat breakfast, think drunk. The owner's son is the coach of the Lipno ski resort. I come back every night and he runs out and asks me, "Have fun today? What can I do for you?" The family's enthusiasm warms my heart every day. Next to the country homestay is a big landscape park, after the snow more like the beauty of the forest snow, 684 meters long plank is some parts of the empty, walking on the top to look down a little nervous. I can't believe there's a camera shelf on it, great location and perfect angle to get a panoramic view of the park. Before leaving, their old couple also helped to carry their luggage to the car. The last blessing made me feel warm. Thanks for getting along these days. The world is big but the earth is round. I hope to see you one day! Lipno "