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Costa Rica Sailing CenterNearby City

Costa Rica Sailing Center

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"Water Sports"
"Exciting extreme sports and sailing experience. To be honest, although I am not a tourist expert, I have seen all kinds of attractions. It can be regarded as calm, so I rarely go out to travel. , Because I think many things are the same, the same thing, until I found this very exciting sailing sport, I decided to try it. [Super pull sports] Costa Rica Sailing Center is open every Tuesday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm. Monday is closed all day, so you should avoid Monday when you go to the sailing center to experience sailing events. There are also sailing teaching courses and summer camps for teenagers. If I have an illusion of sailing, I went to experience the most basic sailing teaching package, which is 105 dollars per person. If there are friends or children with me, the second one is Teaching together for a price of $100. This is a one-hour project. Of course, it can be extended to 2 hours, which is $175 per person. I just want to experience sailing technology, so I reported the most basic package of the former. During this hour, the water waves have been swaying and playing in the water. Under the guidance of the coach, I learned to pull the sail and turn. I have to say that the waves hit us on Potrero Bay. Looking back at the port, I can see that there is happiness everywhere. Happy adults and children stand on the huge driftwood. Under very large circumstances, they can't pull the sail even with brute force. They must follow its momentum and borrow strength. It is also a physical exercise that tests experience and mind. Address: Buena Vista Restaurante next to Bahia del Sol | 10 M South of Bahia del Sol, Playa Potrero, Costa Rica Suggested visit: 1 day"