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Top Things to do In Florence 2021



173 things to do found in Florence
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ManarolaNearby City


4.5/5144 Reviews
"Observation Deck"
"Rock Monument"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"The Cinque Terre is located on the Riviera coast and is the smallest national park in Italy. From north to south, the five villages are Monterosso, Vernazza, Cornilla, Manarola and Riomaggiore. From Riomaggiore, continue south and take a 6-minute train ride to the big city La Spezia. Today's Cinque Terre is a typical representative of the spring flowers facing the sea. The colorful houses extend to the port along with the mountains. Together with the rocks, woods and terraces, they become the iconic scenery of the Cinque Terre. The five neighboring villages are connected by plank roads and railways. It takes only one station to reach the neighboring village by train, which takes five or six minutes. You can buy a special card for Cinque Terre at the train station of any local village. It costs 16 Euros a day, and there is no charge for N trips between five villages. But no one checked the tickets in the test, so everyone has a different opinion on buying train tickets. Because I only set aside one morning and noon to play in the Cinque Terre, the whole trip time is relatively tight. Therefore, all things considered, Cornilla is a village that needs to be climbed to the top of the mountain to see. It was too time-consuming, so I decided not to go. Monterosso is the only place in the five villages with a beach, so it is the most popular village among the five villages in Europe. However, after I have been to Nice, the beach and coastline are not very attractive to me. So decided to only look at the essence of the Cinque Terre, from Riomaggiore-Manarola-Vernazza, and finally back to La Spezia. Generally speaking, if you are just looking at the flowers and taking photos and punching in, it will take about one hour for each village. The business card of the Cinque Terre is in Manarola, it is recommended to stay here for a while. In this village, there is a colorful house clinging to the edge of a steep cliff, like colorful gems dotted between the green hills and the sea. It is a pity that the weather on the day we went was not so good. I think if it was a sunny day, Manarola under the blue sky and white clouds would definitely look vivid and enthusiastic with every color."
Lake Trasimeno (Lago Trasimeno)Nearby City

Lake Trasimeno (Lago Trasimeno)

4.5/54 Reviews
"Want to know the lakes of the Italian peninsula? The answer lies in Lake Trasimeno. Lake Trasimeno, also known as Lake Perugia, is one of the four largest lakes in Italy. In addition, Lake Trasimeno has left a strong mark in history because of the Battle of Lake Trasimeno, so many tourists have come to check in. Travel Notes I went by public transportation this time. First of all, I will talk about what I have seen and heard. In general, the area of the lake is large and the water quality is relatively good. The surrounding buildings integrate well with the lake. , Making the whole picture particularly harmonious. Secondly, I particularly like the artificial beach of Lake Trasimeno. Lying on the beach and looking at the blue sky, it seems that all the troubles in my heart have disappeared. So I hope that when you come to Lake Trasimeno, you can go to the artificial beach to experience it. I heard that Picnic here is also good. After the photo guide arrives at the station, you can walk towards the lake. After about ten minutes, you will see a small pier. The small pier is the first choice for taking pictures. Because the scenery is very good and the view is very open, I will shoot here. A lot of beautiful photos. If you want to take photos, you can come to the small pier. Ticket guide is currently free to Lake Trasimeno. Let me talk about the ticket. The ticket from Perugia to Passigano costs 3.2 euros." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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