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Top Things to do In Luxor 2021



14 things to do found in Luxor
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Egypt DiversNearby City

Egypt Divers

4.7/5148 Reviews
"Outdoor diving"
"On July 25th, the grandparents and grandchildren participated in the Red Sea project together. Going out to sea is a yacht driven by a local. The whole project includes three projects: island swimming, coral area snorkeling, sea fishing and a lunch, which takes about four hours. The Red Sea refers to the long and narrow sea area between the Arabian Peninsula and the African continent. The ancient Greeks called it THALASSAERYTHRAE. The current name is derived from the ancient Greek name, meaning "red ocean". It is the hottest and saltiest sea in Shanghai in the world, and it is also the youngest sea. There are no large rivers on both sides of the Red Sea. There are stone forests and underwater rock ridges on the waterway leading to the ocean. It is difficult for the lighter water in the ocean to enter, and it is difficult for the saltier water in the Red Sea to flow out. Scientists have also discovered a large area of "hot holes" deep in the ocean floor. A large amount of magma rushes to the bottom of the sea along the cracks in the earth's crust. The magma heats the surrounding rocks and sea water, and there is a peculiar phenomenon that the water temperature of the deep seawater is higher than the surface layer. The steaming deep seawater floods the surface to accelerate the evaporation, making the salt concentration higher and higher. When snorkeling, you will often feel the obvious changes in water temperature. The water temperature is cold and hot, and the temperature difference is very obvious. This may be caused by the high temperature of the submarine magma layer. Because it is an inland sea, the water of the Red Sea is very quiet, there are no waves, the sea is crystal clear, showing a mellow blue, and because of the color of the corals under the water, the color of the corals under the water shows a distinct deep and light blue layer, and colorful corals grow under the sea. And rare marine life, snorkeling is very interesting. It was the first time for my son to snorkel, but he immediately mastered how to use the snorkeling respirator. The snorkeling time given by the team was full. The two launches were not enough. The sailor coach on the yacht liked him very much and led us to swim. To the farthest point, although the scenery was good, I was exhausted with hard work, three words: tired into a dog!"
Sindbad SubmarineNearby City

Sindbad Submarine

4.5/535 Reviews
"Outdoor diving"
"How can I come to the Red Sea without getting into the water? ! 🏖Best time to travel: October to May of the following year The Red Sea Resort seems to be outside of Egypt, and the overall painting style is more like a holiday paradise for drunken gold fans. 🤿Unique diving conditions: The temperature on the coast of the Red Sea is generally between 35°C and 41°C, and the average water temperature is between 21°C and 28°C. The water temperature is suitable and the visibility is high. In addition, the water flow is relatively stable, so there is no need to reload the water, which attracts diving from all over the world. Lovers. 📝Booking: Diving at sea is usually booked the next day, and there are many small shops for renting diving equipment on the shore. In addition to diving into the sea, there is another option-submarine. The submarine is moored in a special sea area, close to the coral colony. So you need to take a shuttle boat first, and the shuttle boat is about 40 people per shift. The submarine has narrow passages, and the interior is converted into two rows of window seats. Because the submarine walks around the route, the scenery on both sides can be seen from time to time. In addition to corals and various fishes on the seabed, there are sunken ships, treasure chests and the like. From time to time, the staff will use fish food to lure the fish to swim to the side window, so that visitors can feast their eyes." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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