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Aswan Botanical GardensNearby City

Aswan Botanical Gardens

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"Botanical Garden"
"Take a sailing boat on the Nile River to the Botanical Island. 1⃣ This type of sailboat is the oldest type of sailing ship in Egypt. It is called Felluca. It has a wide hull and a shallow draft. It sails very smoothly and is more suitable for inland rivers with small waves. Although it is also a spinnaker, it is similar to a Chinese sailboat. The side of the sail is a sailor with a hard pole. The sailor is Nubian with dark skin and a three-dimensional face. The ancestors of the Nubians are the same ethnic group as the ancient Egyptians, and the ancestry of black immigrants gradually changed after they continued to integrate into East Africa. Early culture was developed, and the Aswan Temple was built by the Nubian king. Nubian civilization disappeared mysteriously under the perennial mutual attack with the Egyptians and the invasion of foreign civilization. After Sudan became independent, Nubia was divided into two countries, Egypt and Sudan. The Aswan Dam was completed, which flooded the land of the Egyptian Nubians and could only migrate to high ground. What an unfortunate nation. Plant Island was formerly known as Kitchener'sIsland. The island was given as a reward to the commander of the British-Egypt coalition to defeat the Sudanese army in the 19th century, hence the name. The Earl of Kitchenner is a man with great knowledge in botany. He planted exotic flowers and weeds from various countries on the small island. He introduced many plants from all over the world, including large palm trees for birds. It has become a veritable water plant park. After the British colonial rule, it was conquered and nationalized, so it got a new name. Most of the tourists on the island are students organized by the school, just like those encountered in other scenic spots, in groups. The students in China are not envious. They have played with the garden and the garden is good. In Egypt, I have been used to seeing the yellow sand and the whole country. After watching the trash in Cairo for a long time, I really feel that this place is like a very alternative paradise. But compared with botanical gardens in other countries, it's really nothing."