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Rue CrémieuxNearby City

Rue Crémieux

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"The location of lovely buildings and plants has to be said that Paris is always the favorite place for my friends and I to go, maybe not just because of the fantasy when I was young, because I have always heard that Paris is the romantic capital of dreams, so It is full of yearning and expectation. The place we went to this time was still Paris, but when we got here, we chose a different and less popular attraction. Rue Crémieux is a very long street, and this street is surrounded by European-style houses. Some houses are painted with pink paint, so it has a girlish feeling. My girlfriend and I accidentally didn't hold back, so we stayed in front of this building for a while and took a few more photos. In fact, to be honest, as far as the scenic spots on Rue Crémieux are concerned, the remote shooting is also very good, because Rue Crémieux has a distant view, this street is very quiet, so it looks very suitable for taking pictures, you are here No one will bother you when taking pictures, so my friends and I are very happy. I took a lot of pictures here. There will also be some snacks nearby. Then, if we like it, we like to eat it better, so I bought a lot of things to eat in it. Rue Crémieux is a particularly beautiful house and plants, and then they are all colorful, so the photos taken are It is also colorful. Practical tips: Spring is the best time to travel. Scenic address: Rue Crémieux, 75012 Paris, France"
Route des Grands CrusNearby City

Route des Grands Crus

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"A date about red wine In today's social life, no matter what class of people, wine has become a face-saving drink. It may be because of the aroma of the wine itself, or it may be because of recent TV dramas. The Lafite of 1982 appeared frequently, but the popularity of wine has to be adult. In France, a major wine country, what kind of surprises are hidden in this famous gathering place for too long. Opening hours 8:00-22:00 Ticket information: Free to visit [An eye-opening place] The essence of Burgundy wine, also called Wine Avenue, because many top wines are produced here, and tourists will Come here for a tour. We understand that in order to maintain the economy and huge interests of the producing areas, the French Ministry of Agriculture implements a strict wine rating system. The top wineries and the top wines can only produce more than 10,000 bottles each year, and the price of each bottle is also 10,000. Above the euro, there is no need to advertise and the supply exceeds demand. After all, the red wines here are strictly graded, and you get what you pay for. Don't even think about picking up the bargain. The result of picking up the bargain is that the quality of the red wine differs by a thousand miles. Even the wines made from grapes between two farms separated by a fence have different flavors. If you want to get your favorite red wine flavor, you need to keep tasting it. Some wineries sell top red wines, buy a box of good wines, and then sell you a bottle of top red wines. This kind of stimulating hunger marketing, we can't afford it, probably only Wall Street elites can afford it!"