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46 things to do found in Mactan Island
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Evolution Diving

Evolution Diving

5/52 Reviews
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"Water Sports"
"Southeast Asia Snorkeling Tour There are many islands in Southeast Asia, which are very suitable for snorkeling. The most interesting thing is that snorkeling projects in many locations are particularly interesting. More about the beauty of the scenery and the experience of the project are very important. It's not just about here, the project has many interesting special features. Sipadan Diving The diving shrine here is very famous. The most interesting thing is that I like the beautiful scenery of everything here. It is like an aquarium. When you enter the sea, you will see many turtles. Sharks, but pay attention to safety, but when you see sharks again, you have to travel with the team, and there are corresponding safety measures, and I have seen dolphins with good luck, there are shark groups, but you will try to increase the color with the coral groups. Bright, the price of tickets is also different, there are many official website releases are also different, so you can compare and refer to it yourself. Opening hours: throughout the year Ticket price: unclear. Recommended time: one day Kapalai diving. It is a villa built on a coral colony. Each villa is a house on the water. You can watch one of the villas on it, you have characteristics You can lie on the window and look at the distant scenery. I found that there are a lot of small fish in the water. It is very interesting during leisure and vacation. When you enter it, there are many sea turtles or groups of sandfish. Sometimes You can also encounter thrilling tiger sharks, so you must pay attention to safety, not alone can travel, more often you have to follow, group tours. Opening hours: throughout the year Ticket price: free Recommended time: 1-3 hours of Emperor Island diving. I found that this is a very gorgeous island. It was previously open to royal families. Tourists were not allowed to play before. Well, it’s only open to the public. This small island is composed of Jiashan Mountain and Xiaohu, and there is also an ocean. There is a small lake in the middle, surrounded by villas. The interesting thing is to bask in the sun on the sofa. , Or going to dive inside is particularly fun. At the beginning, there were not many family members, but gradually there were tourism posters and I found that this place is really good. Opening hours: throughout the year Ticket price: free Recommended time: 1-3 hours Evolution diving center But I don’t know this place very well, but the staff here are very friendly, and will personally explain everything and travel matters here. In addition, the precautions for diving, if you are not at ease, there will be a dedicated diver to accompany you to dive together, so you must not feel stressed, and you must pay attention to your own public measures and some first aid knowledge before diving. Everyone who likes to come here and dive will love this place again. Diving is not only here, but the real feature is to play in this place by the spring. Opening hours: all year round Price: free Recommended time: 1-3 hours Boracay "Come Diving" PADI Five-Star Dive Center found that the beautiful Boracay Island also has a diving center, and his center is very light and luxurious, not only Only cheap people can enter, and it is a very expensive service. I also experienced it. It really feels different. Is the life of a rich person really something ordinary people can experience? All of it is advanced Equipment and equipment, and there will be pre-training, it will definitely not let you happen to accidents, so its safety measures are very good and perfect, and there are many scenic spots around, which can be used when diving Enjoy the beautiful scenery here while playing. Opening hours: throughout the year. Ticket price: free. Recommended time: 1-3 hours. Now it is the most famous and reassuring diving site in Southeast Asia, not only for the favorite here, but also about many interesting attractions Everything in the way of play is my favorite diving. Qianyou Center is where I have dived, so it must be a conscience recommendation." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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