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Jacob's Creek Trail of DiscoveryNearby City

Jacob's Creek Trail of Discovery

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"Featured Neighborhood"
Open from 9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"As the most famous wine region in South Australia and throughout Australia, Barossa has a very long history of grape growing and wine making, including two regions of Eden Valley and Barossa Valley. Originally built by immigrants from Silesia, the Barossa Valley brought its own language, religion and wine-making traditions, and today it still has many German-style traditional buildings and even its own German dialects. The most famous vines are the old Shiraz vines, some of which were planted in the eighteenth century, and because South Australia is one of the few areas in the world where no root nodules are being infested, the vines do not need grafting. Branches taken directly from the old vines will help to grow new vines. The Jacob's Creek we went to today is located in Barossa Valley, a winery that is on par with the Ponfu and is one of Australia's most famous wine brands. The tasting was a bit of a brutish experience for a boor like me, and I was always a little over-informed when the staff introduced us to different types of wine, let alone the taste of the wines, which were really not separate. Since I only ate an ice cream and two cookies from the morning to the present, I am on an empty stomach at this moment. I just drank a few sips and I blushed. So the wine behind can only spit out ... undeniably these wines are still good, but I am not blessed to suffer. The Barossa area is full of vineyards that are undeniably good, wine lovers should love the modern bar, a little bit different from the tourist centre I imagined, wandering around"