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520 things to do found in Jiande
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Historic Sites
Zhuge Bagua VillageNearby City

Zhuge Bagua Village

4.4/51,768 Reviews
Open from 01/01-12/31,8:00am-4:30pm (Local time)
"🍀 Fireworks are in Jiangnan in March. This spring is not to be missed. Come to Zhuge Bagua Village, the Little Gods Village in Jiangnan, and stay at the Treasure B&B [Yao Mingyi]. 🍀 Zhuge Bagua Village, the Gods Village in Jiangnan. More than 3000 people in the village are descended from Zhuge Liang, the largest descendant of Zhuge Liang concentrated in the country. Zhuge Village is designed and arranged according to the design of Jiugong Bahao, centering on the middle of the village, the whole village houses are arranged in radioactive form, extending outwards to the eight lanes, dividing the whole village into eight blocks to form the inner eight hao, and the eight hills surrounding the outside of the village form the outer hao. 🌸Shenxian B&B [Yao Mingxuan]. The family hall number of Zhuge has been used for hundreds of years, and Mr. Chen Lifu wrote at the age of ninety-nine. Outside the window is the sea of flowers, the spring is the rape flower, the summer is the continuous lotus pond. Four elegant and simple ingenuity in spring, summer, autumn and winter, is a chic station in a hurry. Beyond the quaint and elegant old store, the new store is introduced in a new and light and luxury European style. Street's ultra-modern comfortable sofa, TOTO's sanitary ware, capsule coffee machine... Comfortable and convenient experience, let people have the illusion of staying at a five-star hotel. 🦋 not good, but good doctor. Zhuge Bagua Village local villagers engaged in the traditional Chinese medicine industry for many generations. Local vegetables light health, gold bags, Yinyang Taiji porridge, Zhuge marching military dishes... in the B&B to eat a few days of fresh small dishes, light taste, let people sweep the exhaustion of the journey. 🌈Even better is the old guard's hot gut, not only drawing a good pen, but also taking free guides and pictures for the guests (the several portraits sent by this micro blog are all taken by the boss [shy]) ❤️ The boss is not only talented, but also more story-telling. His grandfather Zhuge Shaoxian is the 50th generation of Zhuge Liang, has been dedicated to the inheritance and development of the village of Bagua, running around. Yao Mingxuan, the continued use of the family hall for hundreds of years, meaning to be a person, not pursue fame and wealth; mentality to calm and peaceful, not be troubled by the world. 🉑Zhuge Bagua Village Practical Raider 🛣️ Address: Zhuge Town, Lanxi City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang 🚘 Traffic: Jinhua Station, 1 + hour drive, you can contact the B&B manager to arrange the pick-up station [at your own expense], the vehicles in the village can save tickets. 💰 Tickets: 90 yuan 🏃🏻‍♂️ Play time: After 2 hours, it is best to stay one night and enjoy peace. 🔑 Raiders: Dagongtang, Xiangxiang Ancestral Hall, Zhongchi, Folk House, Tianyitang, Shangtang Ancient Commercial Street, etc. Among them, the Dagongtang is the only existing Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall in the south of the Yangtze River."
Huihang Ancient RoadNearby City

Huihang Ancient Road

4.5/5682 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 5 reviews
"Ancient Trail"
Open from 8:00am-4:00pm (Local time)
"Starting from Shanghai, I thought about it for four years. I checked various strategies before leaving, and I have been hesitating about the plan. ① From Jixi to Zhejiang or from Zhejiang to Jixi ② Self-driving or by train and bus ③ One day or one night. After four years, I didn't expect to be a one-man driver. So we must resolve to overcome all difficulties. Due to self-driving, I finally decided to start from Jixi to return to Jixi car plan, only to walk first, after knowing how to cross. Conclusion and Feeling: ① Try to avoid rainy days, but on cloudy days, there are fog and rain in the mountains, you should wear waterproof clothes. ② The scenery is pleasant but not stunning. The main harvest is still "going". It is not difficult for healthy people to travel. There are 1400 steps to the "Jiangnan First Pass" at the entrance. There is an uphill road from the snow hall to the blue sky concave. The other roads are flat. Just pay attention to the uniform speed. Don't be tired. ③ Although there was a record, I didn't stay at the end. It took a total of 9 hours to walk to Blue Sky concave (the best view of Huihang Ancient Road), 8:30-17:30, every classic rest stop on the road has been rested, returned to the station, sports software 40,000 steps, the journey is more than 28 kilometers. ④ In order to achieve the goal of one day back and forth, you stay at the Gudaokou before you travel, book 2 nights, and return to the resident dinner rest. ⑤ The first pass of Jiangnan, which left, returns to the Xiaoyao Valley, the Xiaoyao Valley scenery is the most beautiful in the whole journey, can not be missed. ⑥ There are villages in the ancient road with a lot of fun, and the workday is almost unoperated. Going on the workday, there are almost no tourists in the ancient road, and the experience of loneliness is very good." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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