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Can't Miss Attractions in Yangshuo


Yulong River

6,751 Reviews
6.4km from downtown
"When it rains, the water level is high, and the drifting is suspended. If you are running for it, be sure to pay attention to the weather. The scenery is absolutely first class, the supporting is some primitive, the domestic general phenomenon, I hope that with the development of tourism can gradually iterate optimization."

Yulong River Rafting

4,467 Reviews
10.4km from downtown
"Did not take a trip to Samsung boat, it is better to take a bamboo raft. 1. Regarding to the tip. Before doing the Raiders, they said that the boatman charged the tip, I did not go this time, and it is expressly stipulated that it is forbidden to charge. If there is, you can report it. Don't worry everyone. 2, the time is not long, I went early, no queue, about 5.2 It arrived at 9 am. There are more and more people behind. It is recommended that shorts, slippers, sun protection status. 3. The water in the Lijiang River is really quiet, very green, and the reflection is very good by boat."

Guilin Romance Park

1,849 Reviews
2.9km from downtown
"[View] The park is quite big, there are food, drink and fun, especially there is a bay No. 4 inside, the lights are really beautiful at night, like a dream; [Interest] I came with my friends. There are many places to play by cards, especially the haunted house, thrilling and exciting, highly recommended! There are also facilities for children to play in the No. 3 secret area, the service is quite complete; [Cost-effective] Money for a ticket, you can see the show, play the scenic spot, enjoy the food, unlimited card photo, absolute value!"

Impression Sanjie Liu (Evening Showtime)

12,758 Reviews
1.7km from downtown
"Really great show! Must see 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜 very shocking and wonderful 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃"

West Street

6,118 Reviews
452m from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
Historical Architecture
"West Street is in the center of Yangshuo County, Guangxi, where you can really push the window, go out there, there are many coffee shops, bars and small shops on the street, selling some novel small ornaments, but now the commercial atmosphere is too heavy. When night falls, the street people are more, here more foreigners, so also called the Westerner Street."

Shiwai Taoyuan

6,837 Reviews
14.4km from downtown
"The paradise is one of the landmarks of Yangshuo in Guilin. It is surrounded by mountains and waters, with beautiful pastoral scenery. The Lijiang River passes by slowly. The rich village in the north of Guangxi is scattered in the middle. The traffic is not very convenient."

Shili Gallery

2,189 Reviews
4.3km from downtown
"Bike, bike, too good looking, May Day, the wind is cool, there is sun but not very hot. It is really comfortable to see the wind all the way. The electric car rented in the hotel, 30 yuan a day, the electricity is enough, you can run very far. But Shili Gallery is 1-2 an hour of planning, which is already enough time. We stayed for an afternoon and ended up shopping in 1 hour, and then we had nothing to do. If you drive, duck doesn't have to, traffic jams, very traffic jams, electric cars are different. Slip through the cracks quietly."

Peak Ruyi Scenic Spot

626 Reviews
11.6km from downtown
Cable Car
"We 5.1 At noon. Go by cable car, get off the cable car, people who are afraid of height, close their eyes. The cable car is included in the ticket fee. Ruyi Peak is really a good height overlooking the mountains and waters of Guilin, don't miss it. When we go, there is a strong wind, and light rain, to Guilin landscape covered with a layer of mist and water fog, unique."

Xingping Ancient Town

1,271 Reviews
15.8km from downtown
Ancient Settlement
"Xingping Ancient Town is located on the beautiful bank of the Minjiang River. It is a famous tourist scenic spot in the local area. The end of the Minjiang River rafting and the new 20 yuan background map are all here. The building in the town is simple, the environment is clean and tidy, and it is free for tourists."
TOP 10

Bamboo Rafting on the Li River in Xingping

1,148 Reviews
15.7km from downtown
Boat Tour
"Suitable for self-driving trip, after picking up the ticket in the Lijiang Scenic Area, the battery car is directly sent to the Chaobanshan Pier. Remember to go to the 20 yuan to take a photo, then take the cruise ship, take the battery car to Xingping Ancient Town after getting off the boat, then go shopping and eat. Finally, it is very convenient to walk out of the ancient town."
TOP 11

Xianggong Mountain

527 Reviews
16.1km from downtown
"Xianggong Mountain is located on the bank of the beautiful Lijiang River. It belongs to the ancient town of Xingping in Yangshuo. It has convenient transportation and pleasant scenery. Tourists can climb to the top of the mountain with an altitude of more than 200 meters, overlooking the scenery on both sides of the river."
TOP 12

Large banyan

2,837 Reviews
5.3km from downtown
Ancient Trees
"Dahushu, also located in Yangshuo District, Guilin City, Guangxi Province. It is a place to view the famous film and television work "Liu Sanjie". Enter here, as if in the paradise. The bus stop of this scenic spot has direct bus to here, which can be seen the degree of fame here."
TOP 13

‎Nine horses mountain scenic spot

600 Reviews
17.5km from downtown
"Jiuma Painting Hill is a large stone walled mountain with nine peaks connected by the river. It is more than 100 meters high and wide. The pigs, yellow, green and white on the wall are colorful and it is like a giant mural, so it is called Painting Hill."
TOP 14

Longjing River Rafting

629 Reviews
21.1km from downtown
"160 yuan per person, including the cost of the shuttle bus. (Need to buy online one hour in advance. If you buy on site, it is 198 yuan a person), locals have other discounts. The drifting time is about 50 minutes, and the photo is not allowed in the middle, because it is not safe to drift all the time. Only a few platform segments can be photographed. Several parts of the better location, there are photographers who take special photos, and you can choose to choose from the right side of the ticket office after the game, 10 yuan a piece, voluntary purchase is not mandatory. Drifting feels very exciting, the clothes will definitely be all wet during the rafting process, so please remember to bring a change of clothes. There is free ginger tea and shower, but there is no toiletries, you need to bring your own. Pure nature is not artificial, and it feels different from the amusement park, recommend trying."
TOP 15

Yansha Hot Air Balloon Paragliding Experience

190 Reviews
4.4km from downtown
Hot Air Balloon
"The environment of the powered paraglider is not very good. There are high yellow mud piles in the field. It is good to fly out to see the scenery, but if it is a hot air balloon, there is really no scenery, you can see a push and push yellow mud and not very beautiful near view. The paraglider is still a bit far and high, so you can see countless hills and beautiful scenery. Don't worry about fear, the handsome guy who drives the paraglider is very stable. In addition to just taking off, it is a bit nervous. It is good to fly up. The price/performance ratio of the paraglider experience is still OK, but the hot air balloon is not worth it. There is also a small girl who is recommended to shoot video at the door. The attitude of marketing is not very good, and it is obvious that the difference. Don't shoot their videos without letting their partners go to the door to shoot themselves, only waiting outside the door, so the following are all taken by hot air balloon."
TOP 16

Moon Hill

929 Reviews
6.5km from downtown
"Moonhill is 300 meters above sea level, and the foot of the mountain is 130 meters above sea level, with a total of 800 steps. Mountaineering can be reserved 1.5 hours. It is said that when Nixon visited China, he thought that the hole was made by Chinese missiles. He wanted to go and see it. The result was indeed natural. After that, he came here to become a tourist attraction. The road to Shili Gallery is worth a visit to the mountains. It's a road to the top and back to the pass."
TOP 17

Totem Ancient Trail

945 Reviews
3.3km from downtown
Ancient Trail
"The Totem Ancient Road is located in the famous Shili Gallery in Yangsu. It is not far from Guilin. In the scenic area, there are stone tools, pottery, natural totems, ancient bows and bows, and primitive life scenes that people can't forget."
TOP 18

Jinlong Bridge

53 Reviews
11.3km from downtown
"We are from the old county pier by electric car. For 20 yuan, we took a local electric car to the Jinlong Bridge Pier. Jinlong Bridge to the old county pier for an hour and a half. When we went, the tourists were not a lot. The cost was lower. We spent 1 yuan to buy the explanation. The little brother of the boat is also relatively quiet. Mot, very interesting, really worth the scenery. The weather was very good on the day we went. I felt the charm of Guilin's landscape. The river is clear and the wind is blowing. It is very pleasant to go down the stairs. The drop is also very exciting."
TOP 19

Baisha Fishing Fire

44 Reviews
1.4km from downtown
"The white sand fishing fire is one of the eight old scenes of Yangshuo. It is located on the Lijiang River near Yangshuo Bridge. Every evening, fishermen take a boat and fish in it, forming a beautiful picture with the surrounding landscape."
TOP 20


175 Reviews
15.5km from downtown
"Although the road is steep, Laozhai Mountain still attracts many photographers and enthusiasts to climb. Laozhai Mountain is more than 300 meters above sea level, although not high, but there are more than 1,100 ladders. Seeing the round arch mountain gate after walking up the round arch mountain gate, meet two iron ladders near the top, and you can reach the top of the mountain by walking up the iron ladder. Don't take the wrong way. Looking far from the top of the mountain, the Lijiang River turned a corner at the foot of the mountain, and the cruise ships crossed, and the mountains in the distance were stacked, especially enchanting. Especially in the evening, the opposite bank of the "big river back" formed by the vicissitudes of thousands of mu of alluvial small plain, continuous mountains in the sunset in a red, red in the green, this is the famous painter Xu Beihong praise "Xingping sunset." Address: Yangshuo County, Guilin Xingping ancient town old street Lijiang Lishutan open time: all-day opening tickets: free."