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Can't Miss Attractions in Yichun


Mingyue Mountain

2,595 Reviews
26.9km from downtown
"Yichun Mingyue Mountain, take the cable car to the top of the mountain, you can travel the whole journey, the most embarrassing is the Qingyun plank road, it is the plank road built along the mountainside, very good, looking over the opposite peaks are spectacular"

Mingyue Mountain Tianmu Hot Spring Resort

1,479 Reviews
19.1km from downtown
"The most famous hot spring in Wentang Town is the hot spring. The foreigners who buy houses here are also coming to the hot springs. They have used it for more than 800 years. The daily flow of hot spring water is as high as 10,000 tons. It is not affected by the seasons. The four seasons are endless. The average annual temperature is 68 ℃ ~ 72 ℃, which is a rich hot spring. The spring water does not contain sulphur gas, the water quality is clean and tasteless, pure. The hotel has a business area of more than 20,000 square meters. The hot springs are rich in a large amount of tungsten minerals from pure natural groundwater system wells. More than 80 individual multi-functional automatic water massage pools with different characteristics and different functions are located indoors and outdoors. Shilin Hot Spring, winter here is the best choice!"

The Romatic Show of Mingyue

1,091 Reviews
Mingyue Mountain
19.9km from downtown
Cultural Experiencial Area
"Worth visiting and playing, very distinctive street attractions. The scenic area reflects the ancient Song Dynasty culture. The Mingyue performance is very fond of, the mountain spring waterfall is real water, flowing down from the stage, sitting in the front of the drainage are hit in the face."

Mingyueshan Weijing International Hot Spring Resort

957 Reviews
Mingyue Mountain
18.1km from downtown
Hot Springs Resort
"Staying in the hotel, two babies like table tennis and billiards. There are hot spring boiled eggs. The corn is not expensive. It is not very expensive in the afternoon. There are not many people who go in the afternoon. It is very comfortable in the mountain. The changing room is very good. . . The scenery is beautiful and there are no limit to the number of times. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to soak in the evening. . ."


82 Reviews
Mingyue Mountain
19.1km from downtown
Ornamental Hot spring
"Wentang Town has two very old wells, these two wells have springs from year to year, become the unique landmark of Wentang Town. Mingyue Mountain rich in arsenic hot springs are colorless and tasteless, rich in 28 kinds of arsenic-based beneficial trace elements. In Wentang, perhaps not as loud as you might think, but with the most modest folk style and fireworks. Wentang gives visitors a quiet and comfortable lifestyle, providing a travel restful place, a safe haven."

Tianzhu Peak National Park

225 Reviews
20.8km from downtown
"Tianzhufeng National Forest Park, with a total area of 10512 hectares, includes Tianzhufeng, Tonggushi, Longmenya and Dagushan four major scenic spots. Early development of Tianzhufeng and Tonggushi scenic spots. Tianzhu Peak scenic spot beautiful, lakes and mountains, green mountains and green waters and Danxia landforms, like Guilin landscape. There are Tianzhu Peak, Jiulong Lake, Lingshige, first line of Tianjin and more than a dozen attractions."

Jiang Xi Mining Hot Spring in Mingyue Mountain

408 Reviews
18.5km from downtown
Hot Springs Resort
"A place to soak in hot springs, also called the name of the Mining Yueshan Jiangxi Mining Hot Spring, actually to wash the bubble, can feel here the hot springs, really different, can bring people happy enjoyment."

Mingyue Mountain Tianmu Dream Water City

249 Reviews
19.6km from downtown
Water Park
Hot Springs Resort
"Yichun Wentang Town is a pleasant [strong] [strong] Mingyue Mountain Tianzhu Dream Water City, the autumn cold wind is evidence, the winter warm snow has no trace. At the intersection of the two seasons, only the leaves know shallow and deep. There are really not many tourists at the wrong peak, suitable for collective concave modeling to take beautiful pictures"

Zhuojiang Scenic Area

154 Reviews
14.8km from downtown
Geological Sites
"Zhuojiang Scenic Area is located in Sanyang Town, Yichun City, 18 kilometers away from Yichun City. Yichun Trade Plaza Bus Station takes a 'Yichun to Zhuojiang Scenic Area to take a direct bus. There are five scenic spots in the scenic area, such as Bailong Cave, Zhuojiang Cave, Water Base, Stone Forest, Orchard. The overall feeling is: beautiful, stunning, spectacular, thrilling, very worth a visit."
TOP 10

Wanzai Ancient City

12 Reviews
620m from downtown
Ancient Settlement
"Wanzai ancient city with the non-legacy culture, the style of the school architecture, there are few ancient buildings with the cultural characteristics of Western Hunan. Visit the ancient city, can also experience the lantern, listen to play, beat drums, weaving summer cloth, full of fun. The ancient city has rich folklore features, ancient architecture is everywhere, walking in it as if it is in the corridor of history, experience the perfect integration of ancient civilization and modern life."
TOP 11

Pavlo Eco Valley

81 Reviews
15.6km from downtown
"Gao'an Pavlo Ecological Valley is located in Changxi Cultural Industrial Park, a big town east of Gao'an City and west of Nanchang City. The scenic area can enjoy the beautiful pastoral scenery all year round. In the spring, you can enjoy flowers, sports, camping, summer can watch the lotus, summer fishing, autumn can pick lotus fruit, Higher appreciation of chrysanthemum, winter can be health supplement, view butterflies."
TOP 12

Gezao Mountain

81 Reviews
17.7km from downtown
"The scenic area belongs to Yushu City (Yichun City, the county-level city, formerly known as Qingjiang). The nearest railway station is about 10 kilometers east of Yushu. It is expected to pass the high-speed rail at the end of the year. The Yushu Railway Station is 30 kilometers away from the scenic area. There is a Beijing-Jiulong bus station 3 kilometers away from the train station. There are buses to and from the scenic area, fewer trains, and more than 1 hour drive. Express train is about 60-70 yuan, 40 minutes drive. Traffic is not too convenient. The design of the entrance to the scenic spot is simple, the vegetation in the scenic spot is rich, the stream bamboo forest reservoir is good, the air is very fresh. The core attraction is the Dawanshou Chongzhen Palace, but it is currently under maintenance. There is a low wall to enter from the back of the building. It is newly built but the building is relatively retro. The old Chongzhen Palace is behind the hillside, and the nearby Ziyang Academy is closed, and the ancient intentions remain. The mountain roads on several peaks are still being renovated, and the dirt road is not difficult to walk. Not going to Taiji Peak camel peak is enough to go back and forth 1-1.5 hours, several peaks at an altitude of more than 500 meters, all walk once about 2-3 hours. By the way, Gezaoshan is the main place for the Lingbao School to practice after Ge Xuan Xiuxian Alchemy. The modern center of practice should be the Lingbao Chongzhen view, 3 kilometers away from the entrance of the scenic spot. There are 6-7 palace views. It may be that the space layout of the building is limited. There are not several halls. But the horizontal row, repaired in recent years, not too much against the feeling."
TOP 13

Nanre Village

22 Reviews
24.5km from downtown
"Nanreya ancient village tea, the taste of spring tea sweet, the taste of spring. The night view of Wentang Town is really quite good. The town, the ancient village, everywhere is ancient and peaceful. It is comfortable and very comfortable."
TOP 14

Yichun Gulou

110 Reviews
4.1km from downtown
Historical Architecture
"Built in the Southern Song Dynasty, the Gulou in Yichun was the earliest local observatory in the world, which was shining brightly in the history of Chinese astronomy and even in the world astronomy. It has been preserved for nearly a thousand years, and is located in the middle of Gulou Road. In the year 1219, the drum tower was also used as a tower for the observation of the heavenly elephant of the prefecture and the waiting for the report."
TOP 15

Qixingling Ski Resort

117 Reviews
19.6km from downtown
Outdoor skiing
"The experience was super! Take the child to catch the tail of the holiday and go to play. The children in the south played for the first time, especially excited, more than two hours, skied 13 or 14 times! Special praise staff Li Haiying! ! ! Because the child is very excited, when leaving, patronize chat, forget to refund the deposit 🐶 down the mountain to think of it. Try to contact Li Haiying (before going because of the consultation added her WeChat) and say the situation. As a result, three words, perfect solution! Thank you for Li Haiying beauty who has not met! Thank you for the positive energy for Jiangxi tourism! ! !"
TOP 16

China Guhai Health Preservation Resort

340 Reviews
7.4km from downtown
Hot Springs Resort
"[CP] China Ancient Sea # China Ancient Sea # Swimming, playing with water, it is probably the greatest fun for children! Bringing children to China Ancient Sea to swim, the children are too happy, I don't think of it in the water, it is dark. #Sunset # Worth a visit, you can bring your children to play, suitable for parent-child travel, give the child a happy day! #Happy ##Happy #​​​[/cp]"
TOP 17

Chandu Culture Expo Park

86 Reviews
2.9km from downtown
Cultural Experiencial Area
"The first time I went to Yichun, I listened to my friends to introduce Yichun Zen. The scenery is really good, there are mountains and water, and beautiful music. It is really refreshing and comfortable. I also saw the culture of Zen for the first time. The only bad thing is that it is too hot."
TOP 18

Love Flower Town of China

12 Reviews
19.7km from downtown
"The whole scenic spot is full of spring atmosphere, thousands of tulips are beautiful, cherry blossoms are flying, European gardens and flower and bird gardens are the most beautiful! The small train is recommended to take, you can let go of the mood, and slowly enjoy the beautiful scenery around the lake!"
TOP 19

Sanzhualun National Forest Park

54 Reviews
21km from downtown
"The surrounding countryside is good and the environment is beautiful. Sanzhaolun National Forest Park is located in Jing'an County, Jiangxi Province, the national AAAA level tourist area, the total park area 320,000 mu, from the Kuangzhong Gardens Scenic Area, Luojiaping Scenic Area, Baofeng Scenic Area, Panlong Lake Scenic Area, Manidu Scenic Area, Iron Gate Scenic Area and other scenic areas constitute a hundred miles of scenery belt. Located in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, the forest vegetation type is subtropical broad-leaved forest."
TOP 20

Yuanshan Park

127 Reviews
1.5km from downtown
City Park
"I really like this place when I came to Yichun. It is really beautiful here. Every park has a good view. This time it is just March, the spring is gorgeous, and the weather is warm this year, and the flowers are open."