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Qixingyan (Seven-Star Cave)Nearby City

Qixingyan (Seven-Star Cave)

4.4/53,531 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 200 reviews
"City Park"
Ranked No. 2 in Zhaoqing Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"On October 1st, Qixingyan went to Zhongshan by car from Zhongshan to Foshan almost 11 o'clock. When we arrived at the scenic spot, there were too many traffic police to direct the traffic, sealed two passages, too many cars. We drove to Dinghushan. At the Qixingyan at 3*4 pm, there was no traffic jam at this time. There is also a route to choose a package, I wonder how the package does not include tickets, buy a package and buy a 70-fast ticket. Speechless. Everyone has at least 200 more. The boat was big and it was a lotus pond. Unfortunately, the maple leaves of the lotus pond had faded. If you had come earlier, it would have been beautiful. Sit in the boat and cross the lotus pond. There are two bridges that are lower than others. You need to be lowered. The boater will remind you. Otherwise, they will meet. After the boat tour, we went to the cave, and one after another, and finally when we left. There are many bats hanging upside down on the cliff. When you get out of the cave, you can take a boat tour by yourself. There is a iron cable bridge in the lake, it is iron. Don't worry that the bridge that appears in the tremor will break. Waiting for us to finish our tour, it is already 6 o'clock, it is dark, go to the red bridge, take a small red car, only take a small red car, the green car will not take you. There is no car to call the ticket, we came within a few minutes. Send us to the designated location, and we have to walk out by ourselves. This part of the road can also see the scenery of the seven-star rock scenic spot. Further forward there is a pine tree growing in the water. After this piece, you will go to the exit. The overall evaluation of the scenic spot is still OK, it is very big, there is time to play for a day, take pictures, eat and drink. The scenery is beautiful."