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Historic Sites
Peng's HouseNearby City

Peng's House

3.7/583 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 6 reviews
"Historical Site"
"Memorial Temple"
Ranked No. 7 in Yingde Sunset Viewing Spots
Open from 9:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"The clear green stream of yellow flowers, through the picturesque Caster landscape (peak forest), the banks of the year-round lush bamboo forest, grass and endless fields. Every morning on the stream is the simple village girls wash their clothes graceful figure, three or five groups of ducks and geese happily dance and sing in the water, a bamboo pole, swinging twitter, whether also to move your heart to move? Moving mirror is located at the foot of Pengjiayao Mountain Huanghua River, river water clear bottom, water fish stones, the two sides of the Maolin bamboo, birds and flowers. The mobile mirror is a perfect combination of bamboo pole and sky mirror. The boat is divided into two layers, the bottom layer is bamboo pole experience, the second layer is mobile mirror experience, the boat is equipped with leisure table and chairs, and free tasting local special food spring water tofu flowers. Each boat can take about 20 people, sit on bamboo poles/mirrors, such as entering the clouds, the sky, clouds and peaks and forests moving with the heart, the magic mirror. When moving through the clear green yellow flowers stream, the picturesque peaks and forests, as well as lush green trees, fields, people can not be connected. The magic mirror boats in the stirring waves, and the mountains and waters merge. The mountains by the water, the water on the mountains, people with the magic mirror boats in the mountains, to achieve a wonderful state of integration of heaven and man. Moving mirror is a more fashionable tourism project, by the mirror drifting Huanghua River, can really close to the mountains and water, enjoy the Yingxi peaks and the limpid, cool streams. Travelers ride in the mobile mirrors down the Huanghua Creek, stretching to the Dongtian Fairyland Scenic Area, about 40 minutes."
Qingyuan Country VillageNearby City

Qingyuan Country Village

4 Reviews
"Ancient Villages"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Guangdong is beautiful, thousand-year-old Guo Zhai Guo is like a landscape painting in Qingyuan, Guangdong, a world's oldest and most characteristic ancient village. Ancient villages carry a thousand-year-old civilization, the village gate is 808 meters above sea level, tickets are 87 yuan, the commercial atmosphere here is very light, is a place to escape the dust and bustle. Just entering the ancient village is shocked by its magnificent momentum, smooth and bright stone road spread in every corner, layers of houses, the smell of vicissitudes of the years let people feel through the millennium, also because the road here will be more difficult to walk, so the ancient village is better preserved. The national culture is strong, there is a town of poetry and painting, the reputation of the town of song and dance, and there will be a bonfire party at night. . accommodation recommendation: must be booked in advance, the scenery of the B&B at the top of the mountain will be more beautiful, a view of the small open windows is a landscape painting. Food and drink: The local freshly boiled tofu flowers and local local chicken are very good. If you go, you must try it! Yuanjia Tofufang Dejinshi Pub Commune dining room travel advice self-driving and the stone road in the scenic spot is not recommended to wear high-heeled shoes, more mountains and forests bring anti-mosquito spray"